Portrayed by Taylor Lautner
Full Name Tristan Michael Evans
Age 21
Height 5'8"
Build Short and Muscular
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Factions None
Occupation Auto Mechanic
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

Tristan is known only as the talented football player who dropped out of high school when his mother passed away, throwing away his opportunity for a scholarship and college.


Tristan has a reputation for being a heck of a mechanic, though customers know to not expect him to talk much.


Tristan Evans was born in Gotham to MaryBeth and Dylan Evans. MaryBeth, who was in a car accident that left her in a wheelchair when she was sixteen, was a stay at home mom, while Dylan had a management position with Gotham Public Works in the subway division. They lived a rather simple, typical middle-class life in an apartment in the city. MaryBeth ensured Tristan went to school and practiced the piano while Dylan worked hard and long to keep them from being unable to have the things they needed.

When Tristan was ten, Dylan was killed in an accident at work, leaving the boy to be raised by his handicapped mother. There was a moderate settlement from the city for the accident. It wasn’t enough to live lavish, but it allowed Tristan and his mother to continue their modest living without any great sacrifice or interruption.

In high school, Tristan played football at Gotham High. He was a very average student but above average on the field. It was his hope to earn a scholarship and get out of Gotham, but early in his senior year, all that changed. One Saturday, Tristan was playing with his dog Robin at the park. On their way home, Robin was hit by a car. The car didn’t stop, leaving the dying dog in the road. Tristan panicked, and as he held his dog, his powers manifested for the first time, healing the dog. The wounds the dog received were very new, so the connection to aging wasn’t apparent at the time. Over the next few weeks, Tristan began experimenting with healing different animals as they became hurt, until one day he healed a classmate that had cut themselves on a saw in woodshop.

Knowing now he could heal humans, Tristan hurried home to tell his mother about his new powers. MaryBeth was, of course, disbelieving, and so Tristan decided to prove it to her by healing her spinal injury. Unfortunately, this is how Tristan learned that healing someone with his powers regressed them to the moments before they were injured. MaryBeth awoke as her sixteen-year-old self. She could walk, but she was now twenty years younger and didn’t remember anything that had happened in that time.

Tristan was just as confused at MaryBeth, and therefore completely unprepared to help her cope with what had happened. Tristan ended up dropping out of high school to care for his mother, who continued to become more hysterical until Tristan had to commit her to the Gotham Mental Health Institute. Tristan pretended she was his younger sister, and she is now a permanent resident in the asylum.

Eventually, Tristan returned to studying and got his GED. He used the remaining money from his father’s death to buy a little auto shop he could call his own and moved into the room above it. He now uses his powers only when he has to, and has begun to experiment with fighting crime, hoping he can somehow make up for the damage he’s done to his mother.

Character Details

Tristan is generally an introvert, preferring to keep to himself if he has the choice. He has a fairly low self-image, mostly due to the harm he caused when he destroyed his mother’s life. There is a new spark in the back of his mind, beginning to push him to try to redeem himself by being a hero, but he’s uncertain how to do it. Tristan is also a bit touchy about his height, and is quick to throw a punch at those who point out he’s a little short.


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