Portrayed by Mira Sorvino
Full Name Seren Mazzara
Age 32
Height 5'7"
Build Solid
Eyes Illuminated Orange
Hair Black & Illuminated Orange
Factions Cobra
Occupation Experimental Powered Soldier.
Alignment Villain

Claim to Fame

A regular old human pulled from death row and given a choice, be sentenced as planned or accept a bright new future with a terrorist organization during their rise to power. She's now a fugitive as well as a legitimate bad person, all of her previous crimes remain. The system knows her as she used to be. Soon, the system will know her as she's become.


Seren's most notable moment is also an international incident involving opposing crime syndicates. When a hit was focused directly upon her family she put their own resources to use and hired a team to track down and deal with those responsible. This ultimately led to the destruction of a passenger train within U.S. territory, resulting in numerous casualties which largely include innocents caught within the conflict. She's been charged with setting and detonating the explosives and has gone on record as seeming entirely indifferent about the results of her actions. She had been tried and given the death sentence, for all intents she should already be dead. Apparently that didn't work out so well.


Seren came from a crime lord family which specialized in all things diamonds, including a healthy amount of drug and weapon trafficking on the side. She's been exposed to bad things from an early age, from somewhat more 'mundane' subjects such as dealing with junkies to bearing witness to torture and interrogation when things turned sour. She's long since come to accept such behavior as being the norm. If someone does something which the Family does not desire, actions will always be taken to correct such behavior. She never went anywhere without an armed escort, never faced any troubles despite a dangerous environment, never wanted for anything in the world. Life had been almost simple to a fault, giving her time to pursue her education.

Unfortunately, the diamond trade has always been exceptionally cut-throat throughout history. Clashes were frequent and often quite bloody. Seren lost her mother and older sister to a car bomb one day, which disfigured one side of her face. She would live with these scars for the next two years of her original life, never forgetting that they were there. Working alongside her father, those responsible were found. Where the Mazzaras went, bloodshed followed. It quickly escalated into a brutal campaign for revenge, their goal almost single-minded to eradicate their new primary rivals.

This all came to end in the Phoenix Incident, the two targeting a passenger train southbound outside of Phoenix, Arizona. The train's destruction accomplished its goal, though at the cost of the lives of dozens of innocents, the life of her father, and her freedom. Tried and charged with planting and detonating the explosives which led to the disaster, she spent the next eight months locked away until she was ultimately sentenced to death.

Before this sentence could be carried out she was approached by a few peculiar individuals, offering her a choice. They could get her out and they could make her scars disappear, forever. All they had asked for in return was that she swear allegiance to their cause, join their family, work for them. To sweeten the deal they held the promise of granting her the power to seek vengeance on the remaining criminals that had destroyed her life. What if she had such power that no one would ever be able to run and hide from her again?

Seren accepted.

Physically, those scars no longer mark her face. Psychologically, the changes which her benefactors have transformed her with may take another lifetime to come to terms with. All of her memories, her personality, perhaps even her very soul have been retained, reconfigured through a lengthy and agonizing process which resulted in complete nanite saturation. Cell by cell her original body had been broken down from the inside out, reconstructed at the molecular level with synthetic material. Nerves, bones, muscles, nothing had been left untouched. What resulted is a difficult creation to label as she's not human any more than she is android, now being more of a combination of both. She still must eat, she still requires air, she still has fluid within her veins which serves as blood. However, despite being artificially redesigned she still operates on bioelectric impulses as any normal human does. Regardless, these days she physically represents the cold, hardened shell which her mind had become many years ago.

Character Details

It's not always so easy to figure out just what makes her tick. She's a sociopath, though perhaps not quite psychotic. She understands emotion, she even experiences the full spectrum of it. Rather, she's pushed all but the most extreme of these feelings aside as they prove to be more troublesome than useful. Things need to be done, personal feelings rarely have any part to play within these decisions. Just don't mention the whole matter of her family, she'll be quick to declare that as the last survivor it was her duty to carry on as necessary.



Seren's identity was already known by authorities and her history has not been erased. Visual and voice recognition would correctly identify her, she's not even made an effort to change her name beyond adding the use of a codename since undergoing the transformation. Currently she is both a wanted fugitive and a target for other criminal organizations.

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