Portrayed by Logan Lerman
Full Name Timothy Jackson Drake
Age 19
Height 5'10"
Build Athletic
Eyes Blue
Hair Black
Factions Bat-family and Titans
Occupation Student
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

Sidekick to Batman, member of the Titans, the third to bear his name.


The brighter side of the Batman and Robin coin, serious and mild by turns.


Tim Drake was born to a wealthy Gotham family. The son of Jack Drake, owner of Drake Industries, Tim had pretty much everything he wanted from an early age and quickly demonstrated himself to be an extremely intelligent boy. When he was only nine years old his parents took him to Haly's Circus, where he saw the Flying Graysons perform. Memories of the performance would come back to him years later when he saw Nightwing perform a daring acrobatic stunt, one that only a few people in the world could do, and Tim made the connection: Nightwing was really Dick Grayson.

This realization, in the wake of the death of the current Robin, led Tim to conclude that Batman was actually Bruce Wayne and, more importantly, that Batman needed a Robin to help him maintain his humanity. He sought out Nightwing to try to convince him to take up the mantle once more, but was rebuffed. Shortly thereafter tragedy struck the Drake family. His parents were kidnapped by criminals for ransom. His mother was killed and his father crippled in the attack. At this point, encouraged by Nightwing and Alfred Pennyworth, Batman agreed to take Tim on as his new protege.

Over the next several years Tim became an experienced and skilled young hero. In addition to working closely with Batman and his Gotham allies, Robin joined the Titans and became friends with several of its members. He has faced faced some of the worst criminals in the world and lived to tell the tale.

Now Tim is in college, working toward his bachelors - majoring in business, but taking a lot of classes in engineering and criminology as well. He still puts on his mask and cape at night and defends the streets of Gotham City to the best of his ability. It's an exhausting life, but somebody's got to do it.

Character Details

Tim Drake is a charismatic and intelligent young man, capable of both great seriousness and good humor. He's thoughtful, and good-hearted, but knows full well that he's smart and skilled, and sometimes allows this to show in his dealings with others.


Image Name Relation Information
Alfred1.jpg Alfred Pennyworth Bat-Family Confidant, medic, all things nurturing, supportive, and good
batman Bruce Mentor The GD Batman
nightwing1.jpg Dick Ally Predecessor to the costume, ally and friend.
nopic-m.png Babs Ally Friend, dancing partner, and occasional pain in the ear.
nopic-m.png Spoiler Ally/More It's so complicated, I can't even.
nopic-m.png Vorpal Ally Invited Robin to join the Titans, good friend.


Character Gallery


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