Rocket Red IV
Rocket Red IV
Portrayed by Nikita Sergeyevich Mikhalkov
Full Name Dmitri Dmitriyevich Pushkin
Age 74
Height 6'7"
Build Linebacker
Eyes Brown
Hair White
Factions <E.g. Justice League of America>
Occupation Russian Diplomats Assistant
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

The Rocket Red former hero of the Soviet Union, founder of the Rocket Red Brigade.


*Rocket Red #4: Former hero of the Soviet Union turned general protector. Crime fighter, Defender of Justice, freedom, and the soviet way of life. An original member of the Rocket Reds, and former member of several high profile Russian, and even a few international Heroics groups after the fall.

He was the face of a large number of Cold war toy lines, and low budget cartoons. More recently he has been spotted fighting crime in new york when not assisting the 'pacification' of violence in Ukraine.

*Dmitri Pushkin: Just an assistant to a low level Russian Ambassador currently living with his family in New York. He has a wife and two fully grown children as well as grandchildren, and lives in the Russian Embassy.


*Born and raised in Moscow Dmitri has a peaceful childhood his parents trying to instill a great sense of national pride in him, while also showing him what they can of the rest of the world. In this time Dmitri grows a fondness for American films and culture, seeing only bits and peaces snuck in across the border.

*When Dmitri starts to show signs of possible mutant powers he's taken by the soviet government and trained as a part of an experimental unit made up mainly of other men and boys with similar abilities. Called the Rocket Reds, an all male soviet task force, in order to defend against the possibilities of a mutant threat.

*Over the years Dmitri battles many foes of the state, superhuman metahuman, and otherwise, growing up with his team members. Along the way falling in love with a girl by the name of Belina.

*To improve foreign relations Rocket Red #4 as he is only ever refereed is assigned to an international heroics group in order to represent the union. During this time Belina gives birth to two Mischa and Tascha, who are allowed to stay at the Paris embassy that they are based out of, Dmitri's cover being as a simple assistant to a Soviet ambassador.

*Rocket Red #4 is passed about to various heroics groups spending little time with the other Rocket Reds, even up to the disbanding of their group due to a lack of funding near the fall of the union.

*The new government denies any real ties to Rocket Red #4, but thanks to ties earned during his long 'military service' he is permitted a comfortable reassignment to a Russian diplomat in New York, with full residence for him and his immediate family in New York.

Character Details

Dmitri is a very jovial man with a love of American culture, and a much deeper love of his family. He has a good deal of national pride even still, but that doesn't mean he won't indulge in some of the American pastimes. He doesn't let what other people say get to him, and he doesn't tend to indulge in narcotics or even alcohol on a regular basis, preferring to keep his mind clear.


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