Portrayed by N/A
Full Name Anna-Marie
Age 25
Height 5'8"
Build Athletic & Voluptuous
Eyes Green
Hair Auburn with a White streak
Factions The Brotherhood and X-Men
Occupation Adventurer
Alignment Leaning Towards Heroic

Claim to Fame

Outside of certain circles, Rogue has no true claim to fame. For those that know of the group titled The Brotherhood they would likely know Rogue once ran with the gang, but recently she's gone off on her own.


Trying to go good, but for those that know about The Brotherhood, they would likely know she was once a member.


Rogue was born somewhere within Caldecott County, Mississippi. There she lived upon a commune, perhaps affectionately term'd a 'hippie commune' with her parents Owen and Priscilla. This particular commune seemed to center specifically upon nature and communing with it. It was within this seemingly happy nature commune that Rogue would lose her mother, to some sort of nature ceremony gone wrong. Because of her age, Rogue never found out the particulars of just what happened to her mother, or what exactly went wrong.

Instead her father, seemingly grief stricken, took Rogue to her Aunt (Priscilla's sister) Carrie. Her life with her Aunt was definitely not easy. Rogue had to deal with the loss of her mother on top of dealing with a rather strict Auntie who thought her strictness could stop Rogue making the same mistakes as her mother. And while Rogue started to grow into a definite tomboy, that didn't stop her from developing her first crush with a boy by the name of Cody. It was during their first kiss, that Rogue's powers would emerge. His memories, feelings, thoughts flooded her mind with that kiss and when she was able to break the kiss, Cody was already in a deep coma from her touch.

Confused, distraught, scared, Rogue ran away when the town seemingly raised up against her. It was during her 'exile' that a woman by the name of Mystique would find her and take Rogue in. It was only natural that Rogue would join the group called The Brotherhood, as her new family had ties to said group. It was during her tenure within this group that Rogue would encounter one particular powered woman. This woman had incredible strength, speed, durability and invulnerability and within the fight, Rogue had the opportunity to try and steal her powers. While it worked, it worked a little too well for Rogue. Instead of having them only temporary, Rogue absorbed so much of the woman's life-force, personality and powers, that she permanently stole the woman's powers. It also created such a strong personality echo within her head, that Rogue eventually left The Brotherhood and sought help for problem, as it was literally tearing her psyche apart. Thankfully a man by the name of Charles Xavier helped Rogue to create psychic blocks to obtain some control over the personality echoes within her mind.

All of this was a turning point for Rogue. She left The Brotherhood and struck it out on her own, trying to figure out what she really wanted to do with her life, and trying to figure out how to handle her new powers, and the echoes and memories within her mind.

Character Details

Rogue's personality could be described as something of a dichotomy. Outwardly she probably seems brash, independent, a go getter who isn't afraid to go after what she wants, or what she thinks is right. Most would likely call her aggressive and Rogue sees nothing wrong with that. Some might also think she's your typical Southern Belle on initial meetings. Her charm, her accent, her good heart and willingness to help friends/family/those in need and her manners definitely might give that impression and perhaps surprising to some, she's also a flirt and romantic at heart and finally, something of a tomboy which harkens back to her childhood days. Inwardly however, it's another story. While she'a all those things outwardly and it is a true part of her personality, that doesn't stop the loneliness she feels. She can no longer touch another living being skin to skin and there's always the chance that she may accidentally touch them, as well. It'a a constant fear for her. It makes her very touch-shy, which is hard for Rogue as she's a very affectionate person, both physically and mentally. She's basically had to wall a portion of herself off, because of her powers and hold people literally at arm's length. It can be quite a depressing realization and combined with the other sad things that have occurred in her life, it can sometimes cause her to lash out at people, or feel insecurity, jealousy, anger, even rage, which brings us to Rogue's temper. She definitely has one. She's the type that could aptly be described as a spit-fire or hothead should people push the right buttons which could easily cause the situation to escalate much quicker than what people intended.


Image Name Relation Notes
GraydonCreed1.jpg Graydon Creed Foster Sibling
Mystique01.jpg Mystique Foster Mother When a run through the dark pursued by locals bearing torches and pitchforks end you up somehow 'safe and sound' despite it all - a bond is formed that will take quite a feat to break.
Kurt%20and%20bamfs.jpg Nightcrawler Foster Sibling


New Player as of 11/26/2014.

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