Portrayed by Jack Earle Haley
Full Name Walter Joseph Kovacs
Age 45
Height 5'6"
Build Short and Thin
Eyes Brown
Hair Red
Factions N/A (Formely part of the Crimebusters)
Occupation Detective
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

Walter is a detective and vigilante, in which he uses the codename of Rorschach, he was part of the short-lived group named 'Crimebusters.'


Rorschach is regarded among the many masked vigilantes that roam at NYC streets, and like many of them he has a long list of warrants looking for him, mostly because of the gruesome state the criminals he come across are left at. He has some contacts among other heroes, some, like his former partner the Nite Owl, offer him some help in the form of services, information or gadgets.


Walter Joseph Kovacs was born in New York, to a prostitute named Sylvia. He never knew much about his father, despite the fact he was named 'Charlie' and supported President Truman. As a young kid, Walter had a troublesome upbringing, his mother's occupation led him to be the target of bullies, which led to some bloody fights with older boys in which he often came out as the least injured.

One of these fights started because a pair of older boys called him 'whoreson' and wanted to 'examine' him for any diseases, it ended with one boy partially blind and the other having his face bitten. This event led to some investigations in the Kovacs household and the boy ended up committed to the Charlton House, where he would show excellence in Religion Studies, Political Science and Literature, teachers would praise his skills with words, primarily shown in the essays he wrote about his parents.

After he left the institute, he was able to find a job in some garment establishment, an unpleasant work for him, but he came up to find an
interesting piece of dress that drew his interest, it was made of a new fabric and the client deemed it 'ugly'. The 'same' client would show up dead on the newspaper weeks later, being brutally abused and tortured in front of her home. The fact that her neighbours just watched the whole scene without calling the police led him to create a new face so he could 'bear to be able to look at himself on the mirror.'

What followed was a series of adventures, in which Walter, wearing his new face, would fight criminals, sometimes being helped by other masked vigilantes like Nite Owl. He was young still and had a forgiving attitude with the criminals, choosing to rather lock and arrest them. However, the brutal death of a little girl changed his vision, after following the case he was able to find parts of her clothing inside the furnace of a house and subsequently saw a pair of dogs eating what seemed to be her leg. At this point, his mind snapped and, using a cleaver, he opened the skull of one of the dogs, becoming truly Rorschach. The dogs weren't the only ones to be killed that night, however, the kidnapper met a horrible end in the hands of Rorschach, being burned alive inside his own house, after confessing the crime to him.

As the years passed by and vigilantes groups were disbanded, he became even more violent sending messages to the authorities with the bodies of the criminals. Nowadays, he lives in the slums without a real source of income and still can be seen in daylight as Walter, without his face and carrying a sign that reads 'The end is Nigh'.

Character Details

Rorschach possess a great sense of moral absolutism and objectivism, which matches his right-wing views of the world. He views the world in black and white, believing in strict definitions of what is right and wrong and holding a strong sense of justice.

Despite this, he can empathise with other people, even if he doesn't understand it very well and sees lust as a bad thing. He is somewhat paranoid and has some trust issues.


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