Portrayed by Natalie Portman
Full Name Roxanne Spaulding
Age <E.g. 34>
Height 5'6"
Build Small and athletic
Eyes Violet
Hair Black with pink dye
Factions N/A
Occupation <E.g. Ambassador from Themyscira>
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame



Among her circle, Roxy's known to have the grace of a ballerina and the kinetic energy of a fly girl, as well as a tendency to go through pop-culture obsessions every other week.


Roxy is the daughter of Gloria Spaulding and, unbeknownst to her, Alex Fairchild. Concieved after a whirlwind affair, Roxy has been told she was Gloria's step-daughter, in fact the daughter of Michael Spaulding, who passed when she was young. Poor and always seeking work, Gloria moved herself and Roxy from Texas to San Diego. At school Roxy was considered trailer trash and looked down on by her classmates - even the nuns treated her coolly. On the verge of expulsion, Roxy was offered entry into Project: Genesis.

The Project was not, however, all it claimed to be. Roxy instead found herself undergoing a battery of tests, and her nosy fellow subject started a fight with guards, precipitating an all-out escape attempt. During the escape Roxy found herself with the power to manipulate gravity.

After the escape Roxy tried to get back to San Diego to find her mother, only to discover she'd moved on without even leaving a forwarding address.

Character Details

Roxy is personable, energetic and a proud pain in the ass. She chafes against authority figures in general, even when they're on her 'side', just because they're in charge. You really can't trust adults, can you? Roxy often disdains more intellectual pursuits in favor of fun - she'd rather go clubbing than go to the library, rather swim than study.


Image Name Relation Notes
nopic-m.png Alex Fairchild Father Roxy never knew her father, her real father, at least. Her mother never talked about him and Roxy assumes he was some deadbeat.
Caitlin1.jpg Caitlin Fairchild Sister Roxy has no idea that she and Caitlin have the same father. How could they!? She does, however, know that Caitlin helped get her out of Project: Genesis.

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