Portrayed by Kate Beckinsale
Full Name Dana Maddox Hunt
Age 27
Height 5'6"
Build Slender and athletic
Eyes Hazel
Hair Brown
Factions N/A
Occupation Photographer/Photojournalist
Alignment Neutral

Claim to Fame

Detail-oriented Photojournalist / Daughter of the Lord of the Wild Hunt and a Witch


As a photographer/photojournalist, Dana is quickly gaining a reputation as world-class, though she's still at the beginning of her career. Beyond that, however, she has very little in the way of public reputation. She hasn't been around long enough for that. Not in the human world, at least.

Among the Sidhe, she's a half-blooded mongrel who only continues to exist because the Queen of Air and Darkness hasn't tired of her, yet. (Mainly because she's smart enough to avoid her royal majesty as much as possible. Hanging out with Mom, FTW!)


When Shannon Maddox spent the summer in Sommerset, England, visiting relatives, she didn't expect to meet the love of her life. Nor to lose him so quickly. She was barely 21, taking a break between college and "the rest of her life" when she met Aaron Hunt, a bartender at the local watering hole. They had a fling. It was pretty hot. Then, he just kinda… disappeared. But a baby-bump appeared in his stead. Nine months later, in the spring of the year, Shannon was back in NYC and young Dana drew breath for the first time.

Ultimately, Dana's childhood was fairly normal — for a Maddox girl, anyway. Shannon Maddox, like her foremothers before her, was a witch. So, when her daughter mentioned the fairies in the garden behind their small house, it wasn't really a big deal. Even the fact that animals gravitated to her and she would speak to them in ways other children really didn't (or how they would run terrified from her when her temper was up — even though she did nothing against them) wasn't a big deal. Shannon didn't really worry about it. It was the other things that became a little more telling. The fact, for instance, that food cooked in an iron skillet could make the child sick for days, and the fact that even steel utensils 'tasted funny' to her. Indeed, just about everything in the house was converted over to copper, ceramic, and bamboo, because of it. And when she hit puberty, it all became that much more confusing.

Witchcraft, the sort practiced by and in the blood of the Maddox women, was fairly predicable. Powerful, when applied correctly, but still… subtle. Predictable. Shannon knew from experience, it manifests shortly after a girl's first menses and develops along a fairly even curve. First, there are the small powers: In the Maddox line, typically a healer's touch or a protective shield. Sometimes both. Then comes the actual craftwork: Learning the potions and salves, the small artifacts and talismans, the wands and rods, and the small spells. Except that didn't quite work for Dana. With her, small spells went awry, potions and salves rarely did what they were supposed to (but did all sorts of other entirely unexpected things), and artifacts, talismans, wands, and rods, all tended to break. Or overload. Overloading was remarkably common. For the longest while, Shannon despaired of teaching the girl anything constructive. Oh, and her "small" powers? Nothing Shannon could have predicted.

First, there were the dreams, dreams that became unpredictable visions. And rarely pleasant. Often about death, sometimes about conflict, occasionally about terrifying chases across midnight skies. More troubling were the ones that were predictive… and uncannily accurate in those predictions, when the symbolism in the dreams was properly interpreted. Then, there were the times the girl seemed to stare right through her mother at other things, other realities, perhaps, given the descriptions the girl would give when Shannon could regain Dana's attention. The girl could manifest shields. That was something, at least. But she could manipulate those shields to such a fine degree she would create shapes with them and throw them around like toys. And she learned to call animals to her without the spells her mother used. Most disconcerting, however, was the girl's tendency to disappear, much as her father had done — into shadow, into mist, in the blink of an eye, when no one was watching. Shannon would glance away for a second and Dana would be gone, only to reappear from somewhere else moments, sometimes hours, later.

And then, Aaron returned. He stepped out of the mist with the girl, one spring morning 'round about Dana's 16th birthday. Shannon's delight turned to dismay when she realized he had come to take Dana away from her — to take her, he said, to meet her talaith, her clan, his family and "people". Truthfully, Dana wasn't any more keen on going than Shannon was in letting her go. Shannon tried to accompany them, but Aaron refused, saying it was safer for her if she remained in the mortal world.

It was about then that Shannon clued in that Aaron was more than he seemed.

Regardless, Dana found herself taken through the twilight mists and the veil between worlds to Annwn, one of the lands of the Sidhe. Her father, Aaron, was, in fact, Arawn, also called Gwyn, King of Annwn and Master of the Wild Hunt. And he proclaimed her quite publicly as his daughter and heir, much to the dismay of the Sidhe royal courts.

Generally, Dana discovered Annwn to be a paradise, as most Sidhe lands are, but perilous, nonetheless. She also discovered being a 'fairy princess' wasn't all it was cracked up to be. Between the dangers of the land itself, a land that took its own sweet time in accepting her (mainly because she refused to shed blood for it… at least at first), and the dangers of the Sidhe courts, Dana was entirely unprepared for what she faced there. Consequently Arawn pushed his daughter hard to prepare her.

She learned to fight. She learned to control her magic. She learned when to keep her mouth shut, and when to simply run like hell. And she learned that, half-blooded mongrel or not, she had a power the other Sidhe lacked: the power to be human and thus the power to set her own destiny among them. She was not bound to the roles they chose, but could create her own.

This made her dangerous.

Ultimately, she decided that, Heir to the Hunt or not, princess or not, she didn't belong among the capricious, cunning, conniving creatures that were the Sidhe. She wanted to go home, wanted to see her mother. More than anything else, though, she just wanted away from the politics and the pressure of being Arawn's daughter.

Thus, she returned to NYC and began rebuilding her life in the mortal world. Now, some years later, she's made a name for herself as a solid, up and coming photographer who will one day rival the best in the best in the world. The only real disappointment she has is that, even though she left the magic of the Sidhe behind, it didn't leave her behind. But, she's learned to deal with that, too. And they've learned to be very careful in how they deal with her.

So, right now, it's a detente. No telling how long it'll last.

Character Details

Dana is a pragmatic sort. She's seen an awful lot of crap in her life and is coming to realize she's going to see an awful lot more before it's all over. Thus, while she's not quite jaded or cynical, she's not an unbridled optimist. Instead, she is eminently practical. She likes to hope for the best, but almost always prepare for the worst, usually finding a comfortable middle ground as a result. Her choices, however, reflect a certain amount of self-preservation. She doesn't take unnecessary risk, save at the prompting of the visions that plague her. Indeed, she prefers to keep a low profile, and gets quite irritated when she can't — which is more often than she'd like. Nevertheless, she's relatively even-keeled, if a little sarcastic, and well-able to land on her feet when all's said and done.


Image Name Relation Notes
Wasea_Judi-Dench.jpg Wassea Fairy Godmother Rune doesn't know it, but Wassea is, in fact, her fairy godmother. It's her task to watch over her and make sure she doesn't come to undue harm. Hence, she gives Rune shelter within the Silveroak and asks little in return for her generosity.


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