Ryan Wade
Portrayed by Alex Pettyfer
Full Name Ryan Wade
Age 18
Height 5'9
Build Slim and Lithe
Eyes Grey
Hair Blonde
Factions None
Occupation Student and Heir.
Alignment Neutral

Claim to Fame



Ryan was born to Richard and Samantha Wade in Metropolis City. He was born to a wealthy family and his father not only owned a large technology business, but had several science labs across the country. His mother's labor was a difficult one and it looked like the child and his mother would not survive. Fortunately, the babe did live to see the world, but the sadly the same could not be said for the mother. It was a strange and maybe even rare case, but she wasn't able to survive and the young woman stop breathing. And that is the start of Ryan Wade's life.

Richard still held a grudge over Ryan for the death of his wife and anytime Ryan looked into his father's eyes he knew that the man would rather have his mother alive than him. As result Ryan grew a cold and distant heart.

Once Richard decided to take his son on vacation. At first Ryan was more than excited until he learned that his father only wanted to visit one of his science labs . Everything was going well until the boy got the foolish idea to enter a restricted area of the laboratory. After accidently tampering with a some of the things there a large explosion was set off. Although Ryan was found unconscious under rubble with a force field around his figure. Sadly Ryan never knew what his father was doing as his dad made sure that he'd never know. All he knows is his father doesn't want the secret to get out and invests a lot of money to make sure no one knows.

Soon after, he moved to Gotham. There Richard trained the boy to control his powers. Ryan was given many lessons in combat and the gym at his manse would be home to many intense training sessions. He home schooled Ryan by hiring expense tutors to make sure his intelligence was at it's peak and that he would never accidently use his powers in public. All this hard work paid off in the end and Ryan learned to completely control his powers.

And so this is Ryan's past. He has enrolled in Metropolis University to revisit his home city but he frequently visits Gotham City to see his father.

Character Details

A calm and cold individual who possesses a dark humor. This all combines to make him come off as selfish, narcissistic, cruel and proud yet surprisingly kind when he wants to be. Recently he has tried to be more amiable with peers and is naturally sarcastic and witty. He can even be charming when actually trying.


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