Portrayed by Michael Wincott (Young)
Full Name Mikhail Rasputin
Age 34
Height 6'2"
Build Tall, Athletic
Eyes Blue
Hair Dark
Factions Brotherhood of Mutants
Occupation The Face of Gene Nation, Radical, Subverter, Terrorist
Alignment Villain

Claim to Fame

An energy bending member of the Brotherhood and host of Gene Nation.


Little is known about the Savior beyond him being the face of Gene Nation and a new, powerful, vocal member of the Brotherhood of Mutants. Many see him as a radical or an extremist. The Morlocks know of him as both champion and tyrant. %rThe man behind the mask Mikhail Rasputin died years ago in a failed space flight.


Birth and Childhood

Ust-Ordynski Collective Farm, Lake Baikal, Soviet Russian-Siberia Mikhail Nikolivietich Rasputin is born to Nikolai and Alexandra.

Tears of the Bear

The Dissolution of Soviet Russia, young Mikhail grows disenchanted with his families simple life despite enjoying the role of 'big brother' and he begins to distance himself from his kin. Ultimately he joins the Armed Forces of the Russian Republic where he will later serve in the 2nd Chechen War.

Gain and Loss

Recognition for service rendered and outstanding achievement Mikhail is transferred as a pilot to the Russian Federal Space Agency where he completes training and becomes a cosmonaut. His communication with his family is limited though they will hear of him on the radio and through a letter around the same time Illyana is born and Piotr begins a life as a criminal.
It is before Mikhail's plans to return home and see his family that the Russian government discovers an anomaly on Sakhalin Island near Neftegorsk presumably unearthed sometime around the earthquake of 95'. It is theorized the disturbance is a dimensional gateway.
Mikhail with a team of fellow cosmonauts prepare to enter the 'Void' in the opportunity of a lifetime. They are never seen again. Mikhail and his crew are reported dead, the Russian authorities claim it was a shuttle crash and the brave travelers become heroes of Russia, the Rasputin family loses their first child.

A New World

Mikhail unlike the rest of his team did not die, pilot cosmonaut Rasputin believes his mutant abilities saved his life.
Awakening much later Mikhail finds himself in an alien land, he is told he is in the Palace of the Worldly Avatar of the Triumvirate and was nursed back to health by Tra-Mai-a-Zath, the Avatar's eldest daughter. The most beautiful woman MIkhail had ever seen in his life. After a period of time Tra-Mai and Mikhail are wed and he is welcomed in to the royal family.
Time passes and despite his happiness Mikhail wonders of his previous world and returns to the crash site where he discovers a graveyard of vehicles scattered around the portal in to the Void. He also discovers the remains of his crew. They were not killed by the crash but by attackers. Attackers from the Voidrealm.

The Promised One

Confronting the Worldly Avatar he learns the slaughter of his crew was intentional, the Avatar killed them for sport, referring to them as 'playthings'.
This opened Mikhail's eyes to the real face of the Worldly Avatar and his despotic rule. Rallying rebel followers who declared themselves the Countrymen a resistance was organized and Mikhail became a warlord and a champion to the people in their battle against the Worldly Avatar and his Posse Comitatus.
At some point during this time rebel scientists determined the source of the Avatar's godlike power was the Void and it's active portal between this world and Earth itself. A battle plan was formed, Mikhail using his mutant powers in a final decisive battle cut the connection between the tyrant and that mysterious chasm, the backlash was monumental and tragic, Mikhail's Countrymen were killed around him as was the Avatar and Tra-Mai-a-Zath, Mikhail's beloved wife.

Sane No Longer

The sole survivor of this tragedy Mikhail became a wandering hermit for many years living in the wastelands far away from civilization. The damage had been done, the people had been inspired and Mikhail became known as the Promised One, the Liberator, the Savior. The youngest daughter of the Avatar, Sha-Har-a-Zath inherited the war torn land that now had a taste of freedom. She vows one day to take her vengeance on the man who destroyed her family.
After this ordeal Mikhail had become a changed man, his self-imposed exile is haunted by the faces of the lost, a broken man he began to seek a means of preservation, he wanted to remain sane and believed finding a way back to Earth would do this for him.

Return of the Savior

Mikhail's obsession brought him back to the Voidrealm portal and he re-opened it only to find himself amidst the tunnels of the Morlocks (or what remained of them). Upon seeing the Morlock's plight he discovers a new mission, a new purpose, he would become their Savior. Mikhail 'selflessly' turned his focus away from his own issues to those of his Morlock flock and like some messiah began to gather the scattered people and lead them to the extra-dimensional realm of the Void where deep within the wasteland he had erected a Citadel upon a lone hill. The landscape around this artifical structure a warped reflection of Mikhail's own mind.

Present Day

Sha-Har-a-Zath, the new Worldy Avatar, head of the Triumvirate recently discovered the Citadel in the heart of the wastelands and begun the initial stages of war in the name of vengeance. After several assassination attempts and a handful of pitched battles Mikhail was tricked in to using his powers and somehow ended up separated from the Void entity resulting in him being cast out of the Voidrealm and lost in the sewers below New York City where he had last opened a portal. Much to his dismay he seems incapable of returning to the Citadel. This was months ago.
Recently a new member of the Brotherhood has shown up, a cloaked figure calling himself the Savior.

Character Details

Mikhail is proud, honorable, collected and intelligent. He is also insane, calculating, merciless and very fixed in his ideals and views. He's a scholar-warrior and revolutionist who seems to have as much self-loathing equal weight of his hatred.


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