Scarlet Witch
Scarlet Witch
Portrayed by Elizabeth Olsen
Full Name Wanda Maximoff
Age 20
Height 5'8"
Build Thin
Eyes Blue
Hair Auburn
Factions None
Occupation Homeless
Alignment Neutral/Good

Claim to Fame

Wanda's claims to fame are unknown to her (or anyone else) at the moment though it involves being an Elder God's prospective vessel and the identity of her father.


Wanda has no reputation to speak of save as a minor street thief/crazy person.


Wanda does not know who her real parents are but she does know she was born in Transia, a small Eastern European country that broke away from the Romanian state of Wallachia. She has no idea she is the daughter of Magneto and Magda. Nor does she know that at the time of her birth there was a battle between the Elder God Cthon and the Knights of Wundagore that gave Chton the opportunity to instill latent magical abilities into the mutant baby girl and also prepare her as a future vessel for his escape. Perhaps she will learn these things in the future but for now Wanda and her twin brother's past life consists of being raised by adoptive gypsy parents.

Django and Marya Maximoff raised the twins as if they were their own. They taught them the ways of the gypsies - the criminal, the nomadic, knowledge of the occult. It was in her early teens when Wanda's mutant abilities started to show though she wasn't aware she was responsible. Even now she is not sure how much is her but that didn't matter to the superstitious citizens of her country and other Balkan nations. The family were often chased out of an area because of the strange incidents that seemed to be connected to the location of the Maximoffs.

A year ago their reputation came to the attention of a secret, world spanning organisation that wanted to know the truth. The family were first offered protection and gladly accepted. But as the months wore on the truth started to show itself. This group had no interest in their well-being, just in their powers. After overhearing voices telling her that dissection was on the way, Wanda convinced her brother of the danger and they escaped. Unfortunately, the escape caused the death of Marya when Wanda's powers got out of hand. Distraught and in shock, it was up to her brother to whisk her away from their pursuers and the last thing she remembers was being hidden on a ship and her brother promising to be there when she woke up. She hasn't seen him since.

The container ship ended up in New York and Wanda snuck ashore and found herself a stranger in a strange land. Thankfully she has some English, albeit heavily accented, and she hasn't been discovered by the law, or worse, yet. She still waits for her brother as she attempts to figure out what she has become.

Character Details

Wanda is almost always on the edge of a breakdown. Nervous and paranoid she is wary and distrusting of anyone she encounters. Her emotions fluctuate wildly, both causing and caused by the strange powers that haunt her. She does her best to control her life but it is currently beyond her and the voices that keep her awake at night.


Image Name Relation Information
medium.jpg Nyx Friend She is a superhero…she told me herself. I try to help her out and she gives me a little money.
Bobby%204%20Small.jpg Bobby Drake Friend Nyx's boyfriend. He helps me out sometimes and he claims to know where my brother is!
qs-portait.jpg Quicksilver Brother My (former?) brother. He abandoned me in a strange country and now has lot's of new friends. At least I hear he has because I've only seen him once since we arrived and he said he would be straight back. He lied. But maybe we are safer apart?
Zatanna.jpg Zatanna Friend She can do magic. How incredible is that! I wish I could do magic.
Constatine.jpg Constantine Absent Friend I thought I met someone who could understand me but he disappeared. Maybe he left because he /did/ understand me?


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Character Gallery


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Prodigal Sister
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Wardrobe Malfunction!
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Clockwork Conflagration
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