Portrayed by Ryan Kwanten
Full Name Alan Scott
Age 34
Height 5'10"
Build Muscular
Eyes Green
Hair Blond
Factions Justice League of America
Occupation GBC owner and CEO
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

Jade Knight. Earth's Champion. NOT a Green Lantern from Oa, thankyouverymuch.


Alan Scott is the owner and CEO of the Gotham Broadcasting Corporation. He was a billionaire by the time he was 25 and now GBC is one of the largest media empires in Morth America. He's openly gay and the gossip rags reportred regularly on his dating habits. Recently, his fiance of two years was killed in a magtrain accident in China. Scott himself was one of the few survivors, escaping with only minor injuries.


A scion of the Scott family, and the only child of his generation, Alan inherited his money. He wasn't content to just be the stereotypical rich kid though and took full advantage of the best education that money could buy. With a degree in engineering followed by masters in business, he used his money and intellect to build a media empire with himself at the head of it. As the owner and CEO of the Gotham Broadcasting Corporation, Alan can often be seen traveling the world and meeting with some of the most influential people on the planet in both business and social settings. During one trip to China, a train accident would have killed him if not for the intervention of the embodiment of the planet's energy. It not only healed him but gave him superhuman abilities.

Character Details

Alan can be a very focused guy. When he sets his sights on something, there's little that can steer him from his course. Fortunately for people, those sights are usually things that better those around him. And while he has an arrogant streak, he's a pretty decent man.




While the the New 52 Earth Two version of Alan Scott is gay, he's a bit older here than in canon and did a bit of experimentation in high school. This lets Jade and Obsidian exist as his kids should anyone want to app them. They'd need to be 18-19 years old. He doesn't know he has kids so it would be a surprise.

Character Gallery


Old Wolf's Warnings
September 10 2014: Carol Danvers, Alan and Fenris meet in a bar
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An Offer He Can Refuse
August 27, 2014: Alan offers Clark a job.
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Helluland Exhibit Gala
August 7, 2014: The American Museum of Natural History hosts a gala to launch the Helluland Uncovered exhibit, donated by Lara Croft. Someone comes to see it that's very unexpected!
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Drawing Lines
July 22, 2014: While touring the nearly complete, brand new Watchtower space station, Wonder Woman, Sentinel, and Supergirl discuss just how far the JLA is willing to go in its mission to bring freedom and justice to the world. Cameo by Batman.
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The Axe, part 10
July 18, 2014: While Tombraider, Witchblade and Sentinel follow their leads to a mansion on the Upper West Side, Daredevil and Shift have both been tracking Charlie, the mutant prostitute.
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The Axe, Part 3
July 13, 2014: Murdock visits Alan Scott in Gotham, CEO of a multi-million dollar broadcasting company, and host of a party where Rhys Bale was last seen alive.
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He's Got To GO!
June 14, 2014: A big three-headed fire-breathing monster softens up New York for the menacing Mole Man!
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Strength In Numbers
June 7, 2014: Sentinel pays a visit to the Hall of Justice in search of Wonder Woman.
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We All Fall Down
May 31, 2014: The UN Building (and President Pershing, and the General Assembly) is stolen by the Mole Man!!
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