Portrayed by CGI
Full Name Angelo Raphael diLucci
Age 24 (32)
Height 5'5"
Build bodybuilder
Eyes Amber
Hair white
Factions [Forthcoming]
Occupation Doctor (of Medicine)
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

Angel of Light. With a stick.


Good doctor. Bit weird, though. Kind of a mutie-lover.


the boring version for now.
Secret history: Angelo's father Raphael diLucci, son of a mobster and a prostitute, was a low-grade magician of the same school as Baron Mordo, who found a ritual that would protect him from harm. It required the caster to give his life over to the entity known as Seraphim, to become the agent of that entity. Raph, though secretly gay, had any number of girlfriends, so he chose one of them and used a ritual that he told her was "tantric love magic" to ensure that she was pregnant with a boy, and then when the child was born, he used the protection ritual, using his son (who carried his name as his middle name) as the sacrifice of life. He then abandoned his child and his wife, leaving them in his mother's care while he went abroad to scam together a shady sort of half-mercenary, half-expediter/logicstics business, taking advantage of his protection from harm to come out ahead.

Public history: Angelo was born in Montauk Long Island in 1978. He lived with his mother and paternal grandmother. He was a somewhat sickly child. When Raph sold their Montaul home from under them to finance a venture, they became 'wandering Ren-Faire Performers' and Ange, following the Knights around, was trained to defend himself from bullies, do tumbling, use English quarterstaff, etc. This got him much healthier, and he started on the "smart jock" path.

His Grandmother shamed his father into getting them a house when he was profiteering from Desert Storm; when Ange was 14 she had a heart attack, but recovered. This made Ange decide to become an EMT or Fireman. He studied hard, got accepted into college, but his Grandmother died shortly after he turned 18. His father, no longer needing the "beard" marriage and now that no danger of child support existed, got a fast divorce, and sent the note to her, causing the heart attack. But Grandma already had a will that left everything to Ange and his Mom and nothing to Papa Raphael.

Ange became an EMT and (in reaction to the 9/11 attack) studied to become a Physicians Assistant, going to work for a street-level AIDS/STD/Drug/homeless clinic in the Chelsea district of Manhattan, and pursued a hedonistic gym-and-rave-club-oriented lifestyle outside of work, to distract himself.

At this point, the Seraphim set him up using a magical "coincidence" trick: it called in a favor with a druid, who created a set of full-body magical tattoo designs and ink, with a geas and haste spell built into them. The druid sent them to a friend of his, a tattoo artist who happened to live near a club Angelo frequented. Angelo and his date were both random-roofied, and the date was given the metaphysical suggestion that he should get Angelo to get a tattoo; the one that Angelo chose was the compelling design that the Druid sent.

Getting the ink done (which took four hours of objective time thanks to magic) was itself the ritual that turned Angelo into a Conduit to the Living Light, the elemental energy of life and light, and the counterpart to the Darkess Dimension. The instant it was finished, Angelo convulsively activated the healing-magic, which cured him and his date of the roofie, and the date of several nasty STDs, and the ink-artist of his heavy drug addiction (to the ink-man's disgust. He got them back as soon as he could. Some people LIKE the dark.)

Ange had no control initially - touching someone without constant concentration turned on the Light, which was pretty obvious, and healed them of whatever they had. This meant he had to abandon the hedonistic life and focus on just working out, work, and (with too much energy to be idle) he returned to medical school to get his Doctor of Medicine.

In the four years since then he's had to deal with the minor "party animal" reputation he'd built before he became the Conduit, and (as he learned to use the powers granted by the Light and the ink) he's also been tapped for help by government agencies from time to time.

Having his MD and license now, he's joined with some friends to open a clinic on the outskirts of Mutant Town, which operates at reduced cost to mutants and homeless, but also has a good range of clients in the more profitable categories.

Character Details

Affects a "Chelsea Musclehead" attitude outside the office, all-business inside the office. Generally a good guy, and somewhat driven to be heroic.
Hippocratic Oath - therefore, won't kill if he can avoid it at all.


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