Kitty Pryde
Portrayed by Alison Brie
Full Name Katherine "Kitty" Anne Pryde
Age 22
Height 5'6"
Build Slight
Eyes Blue
Hair Brown
Factions X-Men
Occupation Teacher of Computer Sciences at Xavier's Institute
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

One of Xavier's brats, Kitty Pryde is not very well known outside of Japan. However, her tenure there established her as a formidable warrior. Some may recognize the purple dragon that follows her around called Lockheed.


Kitty's reputation is not very well founded. Those from Xavier's School would know her as a bit of a know-it-all that was good with computers. Anyone from Tokyo might know her as a student of Ronin Ogun and Logan.


Nothing really happened in the town of Deerfield, Illinois. A good time was going out into the cornfields and looking for Crop Circles. As such, Kitty grew up a bored and lonely girl, too smart for her public schooling and too poor for her parents to afford private schooling. Though she took refuge in the small public library in their town, she was convinced that she would live and die there without anything interesting ever happening.

And then, she started to get headaches. She was in junior high school and her parents thought that it was just nerves. She had taken a lot of coursework upon herself and even attempted to audit a few classes at the community college in anticipation of AP classes. That along with her chores on the farm made her parents simply assume that it was exhaustion. They took her to a doctor, to the emergency room and no one could explain it properly. They gave her parents a lot of medical jargon which amounted to the idea that they didn't know what was wrong with her.

It was during this trying time when Kitty was nearly bedridden with headaches that she met Charles Xavier. It was not a chance meeting. As the headmaster of a special school for children, he was interested in what he knew to be Kitty's burgeoning mutant powers. He offered her suspicious parents an offer they would be hard pressed not to accept - permitted that Kitty accepted. He would give her a scholarship to his extremely prestigious school. It was essentially a free ride. And, almost as a carrot that was too good to be true, Xavier promised that he would be able to help Kitty with her crippling headaches.

As Xavier insisted, he met with Kitty personally and alone to explain his true purpose for his visit. He told Kitty that she was not alone. What her parents did not know was that her crippling headaches always proceeded a very strange occurrence. She would simply pass through a wall, a floor, whatever she was relying on for support. After that, the headache would pass. For the most part, she had managed to hide it from her family, but Xavier convinced her that if she were to accept his offer, she wouldn't have to hide who she was for the rest of her life. Other people had developed strange abilities and those people found a place to control them and use them for a good cause had a safe harbor. That place was his school in New York.

Funnily enough, Kitty was more worried about her education than the ability to control her newfound mutant powers. Once Xavier assured her that education was just as important to him and his instructors as abilities, she agreed to attend his Xavier Institute. With all her extra courses as well as her intellect, she qualified for a sophomore at the Institute. Just as Xavier promised, her education is an important part of her life there. But, she is also learning how to properly use her blossoming powers there both offensively and defensively.

Eventually, Kitty graduated with honors and attempted to figure out what to do herself. She remained at the school before she found out that her father - in his business dealings - had somehow managed to entangle himself in the Yakuza and had disappeared in Tokyo. Determined to find her father, Kitty traveled there herself. It was quite a culture shock, however, she started to adjust. Eventually, she came across Ronin Ogun. Sensing Kitty's natural ability and her mutant power to allow attacks to pass through her, he thought he had found a perfect warrior. Convincing her that he was there to help her and extract her father from the Yakuza, he started to hone her martial arts skills. He taught her about the ninja and the samurai and she quickly picked up the skills. He was a harsh and demanding teacher, often berating her and beating her down to prove that he was the one in charge.

Eventually, he brought up his enemy - Logan. In order to prove herself as capable of taking out the Yakuza and rescuing her father, she must fight and defeat his old enemy. Thinking herself the good student, she did his bidding and attempted to kill Logan. However, the mutant was much more powerful than she anticipated and after a long fight, he defeated and captured her. After attempting to ascertain why she was out for his head, Logan attempted to dissuade Kitty's views about himself and Ogun. It took some convincing. However, after awhile, Kitty realized that Logan used different methods than Ogun. He was more interested in her as a person than her skill set. And, ultimately, he gave her a choice to learn from him or return to Ogun.

From there, she forswore Ogun and learned from Logan. In the end, it was revealed that Ogun was involved with the capture and torture of her father. She was unable to save him before Ogun killed him in retaliation for betraying him and joining with Logan. Then, Ogun disappeared from Japan.

Despite her grief, she threw herself into training with Logan and a year or two after, the two returned to the US. Once again, she finds herself in the same situation she thought she would never been in. Despite all her experiences and lessons in Tokyo, she is attempting to find her way in a world that she only sort of understands.

Character Details

Kitty Pryde is a very smart woman. Her main resource comes from her mind. However, because of that she tends to be stubborn and believes her own views are the proper ones. She is compassionate and is quick to attempt to help anyone in trouble. While a normally optimistic and bubbly person, her experiences have shown her that the world is a tough place to live. Much of her conflict comes from reconciling her hope for an optimistic outcome with the reality of the situation.


Image Name Relation Information
Wolverine%203.png Logan Most Trusted Ally Kitty first met Wolverine when she tried to kill him on the order of Ogun. Eventually he convinced her that he wasn't the bad guy and they attempted to take Ogun down together. Since then, they have had a close partnership.
Magik001.jpg Illyana Rasputin Best Friend Kitty and Illyana were roommates at Xavier's. They have been mostly inseparable ever since, though there was a two year period where they both lost touch dealing with their own respective problems. Now that they have reunited they have picked up basically right where they left off.
medium.jpg Hank McCoy Good Friend Hank and Kitty knew each other at Xavier's. When she returned from Japan, they resumed their friendship. They are close, discussing science and morality, though they also often argue about those very same subjects.
medium.jpg Doug Ramsey Good Friend Doug and Kitty also went to Xavier's together. Their shared love of computers and hacking made them fast friends.
berto-suit.jpg Roberto Costa Friend The leader of the Red Team, he and Doug have been attempting to recruit Kitty to the team. She enjoys his breezy attitude.
Jeri%20small%202.jpg Jericho Trent Friend Kitty met Jericho through Logan, but quickly learned that he was roommates with Illyana. It's clear the man is devoted to her best friend (and vice versa) and as such, she trusts him.

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