Portrayed by Djimon Hounsou
Full Name Kwabena Odame
Age 33
Height 5'11"
Build Lean and athletic
Eyes Silver
Hair Black
Factions To be determined.
Occupation Mercenary
Alignment Neutral

Claim to Fame

A Ghanian mutant who can transform into various states of matter. He's not the kind of guy you want on your bad side, but he doesn't always make the best ally, either.


Outside of the criminal underworld, not much is known about Shift. At least, not yet. Within the criminal underworld, he is known to be ruthless, efficient, thorough, and loyal as hell so long as you're up front and honest. He'll work for a good price or a 'good cause', and rumor has it he has a penchant for taking out anti-metahuman types. It is said that no one has ever double crossed him and lived… but rumors are fickle things.


Kwabena Odame was born in his native country of Ghana. When his X-Gene manifested, his family considered it something of a disgrace, calling him a demon child. They took him to Accra at once and submitted him to the state for foster care. He grew up as a ward of the church, and eventually had the opportunity to go to America for a higher education.

He wound up in the Midwest, attending the University of Cincinnati, where he began to run with a tough crowd. Cincinnati was not the friendliest place to 'Super-Humans', and helped him to develop a particular disgust with the fearful, hate-filled sect that ran so heavily in the Queen City. During the 2001 race riots, in a fit of misguided youth, he murdered half a dozen police officers who were, as he viewed it, brutalizing his black brothers, and that act opened a window to the criminal world.

He's lived in cities across the U.S., working odd jobs that blur the lines between questionable and down right felonious, but there has always been two constants. Shift takes the jobs that punish those against metahuman equality, and he takes the jobs that pay him a decent salary while keeping him off the grid.

Character Details

At first glance, Kwabena can seem very standoffish. However, once you break the ice, you'll find him to be surprisingly friendly, if not a bit superficial. He's not a terribly mean person, and if one were to break through his layers of distrust, he might make a very loyal friend. Arms length, however, is the name of his game.


Image Name Relation Notes
Jeri%20small%202.jpg Aspect Contact Don't know much about this guy, but he's talented, possibly metahuman, and seems to have a good head on his shoulders.
Image Name Relation Notes
406px-blackwidow2.jpg Black Widow SHIELD Not sure whether she's a pain in my ass, or keeping me out of Federal prison. Probably both.
Image Name Relation Notes
z360e9M.jpg Bruce Banner Contact Smart guy. Holds a PhD. Also changes into a big, scary monster when he's pissed. Tread carefully.
Image Name Relation Notes
Cap-5.jpg Captain America SHIELD Hired me for a SHIELD op once. Pretty much a polar opposite, but he found me, which is saying something.
Image Name Relation Notes
tumblr_m96j7aPXKt1qm8fi6.jpg Darcy Lewis Cute girl Roller girl. 'Sass Mastah'. Seems to have a crush on me. And everyone else.
Image Name Relation Notes
DD-Main.jpg Daredevil Vigilante Daredevil's turf is Hell's Kitchen. He owes me a favor or two. Feeling is probably mutual.
Image Name Relation Notes
WE58XGk.png Emma Frost Contractor I don't really know who this is, but he/she/it hires me for jobs from time to time. Also, a fucking telepath.
Image Name Relation Notes
Estacado01.jpg Jackie Estacado Mob boss Former hitman and mob boss. Got a working relationship with him, but I'll never get in his bad side. Damn.
Image Name Relation Notes
MelodyCOMUX.jpg Melody Girlfriend (?) We haven't had "the discussion" yet, but all signs point to Match Made in Hell.
Image Name Relation Notes
medium.jpg Midnighter Soldier Soldier, Black Ops type. Works for The Weatherman. Can't trust this guy worth shit, but he's interested in wiping out the smooth, so he's good. For now.
Image Name Relation Notes
kathman U. Samuel Kathman, Esq. Attorney My contingency plan. Got him on retainer, and is privy to virtually everything I do. Helps me around legal problems, sometimes makes me eat falafel. Good drinking buddy, scores great ganja.
Image Name Relation Notes
article-0-00B7D4FF00000578-734_226x272.jpg The Weatherman Government Government type, Black Ops. Can't trust her, but she's thrown resources and money my way. Got to wonder what her end game is, because I fucking guarantee she's got one.

Theme Music

"Swimming Pools (Drank)" by Kendrick Lamar (explicit)

Character Gallery

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Djimon_Hounsou_by_Karremarre.jpg Djimon-Hounsou.jpg


March 31, 2015: A twisted conspiracy ends up pitting a NYC gang against a mob of mutants in a bloody, racist confrontation over an incoming shipment of Smooth. The altercation brings different vigilantes together, but the end result is a tragedy of its own right, and a victory for HYDRA. (Vulgarity, racism, gruesome violence, drugs)
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Talk to The Hand
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Drive-by at Mutattoo
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Demolir L'empire - Part 3
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Demolir L'empire - Part 2
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Sins of the Future #10: Endgame
???? ?? ??: Rachel Summers convinces a small group of X-Men including Lunair, Audrey & Nate Grey to accompany her on a 'sanctioned' mission. The mutant mercenary Shift is also hired to accompany them as backup.

They begin a desperate assault on the military base in the Pacific the X-Men had formerly been to in a mission, destroying it once and for all.

All traces of Project: Centurion are eliminated. The Mission is a Success.
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Demolir L'empire - Part 1
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Hookers and Blow, with a Dash of Serb
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Not Going Smoothly
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Drug Bust At The Ironworks
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February 24, 2015: Kwabena manages to track down, with Rant's help, the thief who recently stole the pot at Two-Face's Double Down club.
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Kwabena's Holocaust
February 23, 2015: Kwabena has a meltdown.
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Chains and Ice Cream
February 22, 2015: In the wake of so much violence, the Tin Roof reopens. Behind closed doors, more devious plans are made to secure The Woman's grip on the East End.
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Shifting Sands
January 15 2015: Aspect goes looking for magic. He finds Shift in the Dark.
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