Tokyo Nightmare
Portrayed by Ninomiya Kazunari
Full Name Sho Mori
Age 26
Height 5'5"
Build Athletic
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Factions Temple of Lord Fujin
Occupation Lawyer/translator
Alignment Hero Ninja

Claim to Fame

A somewhat infamous Ninja who originally operated out of Tokyo.


According to the internet, Sho has murdered at least sixty persons as well as robbed banks. The same source however also posts fan art, fan fiction and a very active forum for discussing him. "The Original Tokyo Nightmare" is a web page run by several otaku who are rather obsessed with the hero, and they have gone a little far really. From attributing literally every murder with a sword to Sho, to posting elaborate theories explaining his supposed origins. If you talk to -any- Hero who worked around Tokyo at the same time, you'll get a drastically different picture however. According to any cape who worked around "The Tokyo Nightmare", he's polite and not especially violent. No murder has ever been officially attributed to him, and a few heroes have taken note of the fact that even when wielding a sword Sho doesn't tend to slice up bad guys.


In antiquity, the village of Koga was one of the twin villages credited with the invention of what would come to be called Ninja. Though relatively poor, the villagers went to great lengths to secure funds to build a shrine to a God they felt a special connection to. Fujin, is the japanese god of Wind. He is not a god who is widely worshipped, and so when a poor village built him a particularly elaborate shrine with devoted followers? He was impressed, and so he rewarded this village with his favor. Blessing two or three Ninja, and bestowing them with mythical abilities the Ninja have since become so well known for. Koga's primary rival of Iga Village, followed soon after with an equally elaborate shrine to Fujin's own rival of Raijin. Since this time, the two villages have given rise to two or three Ninja per generation. Gifted so as to bring honor and funds for their respective villages, forever locked in a particularly polite rivalry.

Sho's story began shortly after his birth, His parents operated a small motorcycle dealership by day and tended to the transportation needs of Ninja by night. At the age of five however, he was chosen following a sacred rite at the Temple to Fujin. So began his training, Young Sho never had much of a choice but then again he's never really regretted how his life has unfolded. He came into the public eye for the first time in Tokyo, whilst attending law school. Overnight, Sho became something of an internet sensation. Whilst normally as shy as one would expect a Ninja to be, there are two shaky videos posted online of Sho doing his thing. His particularly theatrical combat style, combined with legitimate fighting capability instantly put him on another level than most of the popular heroes around Tokyo at the time.

Character Details

Sho is rightfully known as being particularly polite, even at times a little stiff in his adherence to formality. He's a man who goes to great lengths to treat people right, and see to it that they feel that way. As Tokyo Nightmare, he is absolutely not above taunts and insults to win tactical advantage. He's focused, dedicated and for the most part seems utterly without fear. He also seems to have something of an attraction to philosophy.


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“Do not sleep under a roof. Carry no money or food. Go alone to places frightening to the common brand of men. Become a criminal of purpose. Be put in jail, and extricate yourself by your own wisdom.” Miyamoto Musashi, Swordsman

"Showing off is the fool's idea of glory." Bruce Lee, Human being

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