Portrayed by Jaimie Alexander
Full Name Sif
Age 25 (Over 2000)
Height 6'2"
Build Mighty
Eyes Blue
Hair Black
Factions Asgard
Occupation Shield-Maiden
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

Shield-Maiden of Asgard, Warrior-Woman, Swordswoman, Comrade of the Son of Odin.


Not well known outside of mythology, Sif is known to the few who have heard of her in Midgard as either a mighty warrior of Asgard or that woman whose hair Loki stole.


Sif, sister of Heimdall, never took so well to the life of an Asgardian maiden as others would have hoped. She was capable of kindness but not patience, compassion but not silent forbearance. She was always a boisterous child, leaving behind embroidery and music to take up a sword and practice with the boys her age. To the despair of her tutors, she committed herself to the warrior's art. There were those who murmured that her status as a Shield-Maidenone of very, very fewwas the result of her friendship with Odin's son Thor. They were silenced when she racked up glories of her own outside those of her friends and comrades.

When she was still quite a young warrior, Sif bore hair of shining gold. Out of jealousy or mischief or some combination of the two, Loki stole her hair while she slept. She angrily demanded that he restore it, but when he went to the dwarves, he refused to pay them for their work. Rather than hair of gold, therefore, she was given hair as black as night. She owns this as any warrior would own a battle-scar. Sif is not immune to vanity, nor is she truly masculine: she is a warrior-woman, holding both in equal esteem.

Her time on Midgard has been short. Evidently there are great dangers here as well as renown to be won. The people of Midgard are beset and in need of heroes; she has determined to be one of them. Her friend Thor, too, is in need of companions to remind him of his home and his responsibilities there.

Character Details

Sif is honest to a fault and often very willing to see violence as a solution. She is a lot more casual about that sort of thing than the average modern human. She's also immensely loyal and compassionate, a protector of the weak and defenseless. By no means is she all business, either: she can celebrate with the best of them and knows the importance of quiet quality time. Or, for that matter, loud and boisterous quality time.


Image Name Relation Notes
thorthumb.jpg Thor Comrade Sif and Thor have been friends for centuries, fighting at one another's sides and trusting one another implicitly.
lolo.jpg Loki Antagonist Not quite an enemy, per se, but Thor's (adopted) brother is a thorn in her side. Thor wants to trust him and gives him chance after chance. Sif doesn't think he's worth it after what he's done; she's never trusted the too-erudite or the users of magic. But she can't act outright against him without angering Thor. She has to be constantly poised to defend rather than going on the attack, and she doesn't like it.


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