Jemma Simmons
Simmons (or Half Of Fitzsimmons)
Portrayed by Elizabeth Henstridge
Full Name Jemma Simmons
Age 26
Height 5'4"
Build Thin
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Factions SHIELD
Occupation Biochemist
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

British born, biochemist genius specialising in human and alien life sciences


One of the youngest and brightest members of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s science division, Simmons obtained her first pHD at the age of 16. Simmons is also known as half of the “Fitzsimmons” along with her partner, another of S.H.I.E.L.D’s young, best and brightest Leopold Fitz.


British born Jemma Simmons was an extremely gifted child, obtaining her first pHD at the age of 16 that caught the attention of S.H.I.E.L.D. After being recruited to the Academy of Science and Technology, Simmons studied her second pHD in biochemistry which she completed in 1 year, at the age of 17. To date, this accomplishment makes Simmons one of the two youngest graduates of the academy.

During her time at the Sci-Tech academy, Simmons met and became close friends with another brilliant young scientist, Leopold Fitz. The two became research partners and it was during this time the pair became known as ‘Fitzsimmon’ across many levels of S.H.I.E.L.D.

On from graduating the academy, ‘Fitzsimmon’ was posted to a Sci-Ops facility to conduct research but Jemma wanted more and finally convinced Fitz to accept a field posting.

Character Details

Jemma has a bright and bubbly personality tempered by a calm, accepting, forgiving and merciful nature and a deep abiding love for science.


Image Name Relation Information
medium.jpg Leopold Fitz Joined at the Hip Fitz and Simmons have known each other since SHIELD academy. They are so close, and so often together that they are regularly called by a joint name - Fitzsimmons. She wishes it were Simmonfitz.
May2.jpg Melinda May Boss An extraordinary Agent who is not to be trifled with.
medium.jpg Phil Coulson Boss Much more genial than May, runs the show. Or at least the part of the show that Simmons deals with.
Triplett.jpg Antoine Triplett Field Agent A smart Agent who has been helpful in the lab before. Not afraid of taking blood from May, which is quite a mark in his favor.
Cap-Main.jpg Steve Rogers Hero A sweet man who has attempted to get her to step out of the lab every once in awhile. She's attempting to not use the time to study him like a scientist.


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Character Gallery


World on Fire: The Central Axis (2015)
April 2, 2015: Monsters, time travel, tears in spacetime. Just another Thursday in New York.
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Tacit Approval Please
March 26, 2015: Simmons and Skye track down May to discuss Jerichos' request and watch an abandoned building getting clean.
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March 23, 2015: A warped creature comes through another portal - but this one can communicate.
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Bio Weapons
March 23, 2015: May takes Skye and Simmons into the field to crash a biochemist ring…
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Why So Much Power
March 22, 2015: Jericho arrives at the Triskelian to discuss his findings. Simmons briefs everyone on what she found out at Stark Industries
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Power Supplies and Leylines
March 19, 2015: Simmons visits Stark Industries and gets the low down from Jim Reha.
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March 18, 2015: Aspect has bad news for Shield
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Turning Cyborg
March 15, 2015: Aspect calls May and Simmons to consult on Nyx's interesting problem
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World On Fire: Missing Persons And The Math
March 15, 2015: Howard Stark visits The Triskelion to speak with FiztSimmons
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World On Fire: Stark and Ectoplasm
March 14, 2015: Howard Stark finally returns to New York and Pezzini, Manning and Simmons corner him to discuss Simmons' findings
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World on Fire: Agent Carter and the Rainbow Connection
March 14, 2015: Simmons asks May to transport her to the offsite facility and ends up with an unxepected guest, for which Simmons is grateful
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World On Fire: Accessing Level 10
March 14, 2015: Simmons briefs May on her discussion with Howard Stark
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The Short Artificially Lit Tea Time Of The SHIELD
March 13, 2015: Various SHIELD agents come and go, talking about various things over coffee and tea. There are no pastries or cucumber sandwiches.
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It's Not Easy Being Green
March 11, 2015: FitzSimmons and Steve go over what was recovered from the Central Park Zoo incident, finding that something strange is happening on the island of Manhattan.
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World on Fire: Water For Elephants
March 10, 2015: Another energy surge puts the patrons of the Central Park Zoo in danger of more mutated creatures. Manhattan's heroes come to the rescue and try to find out more about what is happening.
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Warped DNA
February 25, 2015: Fitz and Simmons analyse the data collected from Rum Row and come up with theory (backdated scene)
(log: 20150310-warpeddna | tags: fitz simmons world_on_fire | posted: 09 Mar 2015 23:02)

Human DNA Testing
February 25th, 2015: Simmons begins analysing the results of the autopsies from the Rum Rum debarcle and gets to brief Agents May and Coulson
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World on Fire: Rum Row
February 24th, 2015: On a cold Tuesday night, a few people go out for a drink and instead run into two monsters that lead to a whole lot more questions.
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Telling Hunter
February 21, 2015: Hunter returns to the Triskelian and finds out about Bobbi
(log: 20150221-tellinghunter | tags: aspect hunter simmons the_cavalry | posted: 21 Feb 2015 11:44)

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