Portrayed by Grace Holley
Full Name Theresa Maeve Rourke Cassidy
Age 18
Height 5'9"
Build Athletic
Eyes Green
Hair Red
Factions None
Occupation Kitchen Hand, Shelter Volunteer
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

Minor criminal activities as a minor.


Most people don't know of Siryn's criminal past - she was never arrested or charged - instead they are more likely to the Irish girl with a heart of gold who helps out at homeless shelters. Though hanging around with that Deadpool person might get her another kind of reputation altogether.


Born in Cassidy Keep, County Mayo, Ireland, Therese believes she is an orphan and was raised by her uncle ‘Black’ Tom Cassidy. She is home-schooled for the most part, partly due to her inability to get on well with the nuns at the local girls’ school and partly due to her uncle training her for a life of crime. It wasn’t long before she was involved in break and enters and con jobs but it was when her, almost expected, mutations showed up early in her teens that Tom took her to the next level. Therese never really took to a life of crime but with no other home, and her uncle was not a cruel man, she had no choice but to do as she was bidden. A few years back Therese, Tom and a group of villains in his employment, emigrated to the United States to get rich quick and live the high life. Things did not go well. Despite the training she had been subjected to over the years, Therese, now code-named Siryn, was no match at her age for the superheroes that they encountered. On the run and just before he sacrificed himself to keep her free, Tom told Therese that she wasn’t an orphan after all and her father still lived…though he had no idea where.

With her uncle imprisoned and all alone in a foreign land, Therese was now a fugitive who kept a low profile as she made her way back to New York with the intent to return to Ireland and learn about her father. She arrived in the Big Apple about six months ago, penniless but intending to stay straight, so she started working in places where no one asked any questions but were otherwise legal; not easy to find. At least Therese ended up with a large collection of hair nets if not much else. Her guilt and loss of family have also led her into occasional heavy drinking – what kind of country doesn’t let eighteen year olds drink! – though this means she has to end up in some dive places to do so and there has been the odd lost weekend. Siryn still continues to train both her abilities and physically, and she also has the gear that Tom gave her (lockpicking tools, ‘costume’, false papers) but she hasn’t touched it much, preferring to try and make amends for her life of crime by volunteering in shelters or helping those on the street. Which is where she met Deadpool. If you can’t say anything nice… Therese has lately been displaying the patience of a saint around the merc with a mouth but these things are sent to try us and she will persevere.

Character Details

Siryn is a good person at heart and that is what she wants to be yet she is also wracked with guilt over her past. Friendly, warm and sincere most of the time she can be prone to depression when she remembers the bad days and goes on drinking binges to forget. This is when she is snarky, frustrated and sometimes flat out angry. Though mainly at herself.


Image Real Name Code Name Relation Notes
Deadpool%201.png Wade Wilson Deadpool Friend Siryn has met Deadpool and is trying to make him a better person. This is not as easy as it looks. The patience of a saint is sometimes required. But he helps her out in return - he cooks a mean cookie for the homeless.


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