Portrayed by CGI
Full Name Skaar Banner
Age 19
Height 7' 6"
Build Large and Powerful
Eyes Green
Hair Black
Factions None
Occupation Wandering Menace
Alignment Neutral

Claim to Fame

Skaar has just arrived Earth, so he is an unknown factor. Likely some people will confuse him with Hulk.


Skaar has no reputation on Earth. In his native Sakaar he was a famous warlord. One of the few that were not blood-thirsty tyrants. It was rumored he was the son of Green Scar and Caiera Oldstrong, and therefore some believed he is the rightful king.


Skaar is the son of King Green Scar and his wife, Queen Caiera Oldstrong. Green Scar is the name Hulk received in the planet Sakaar, and Caiera Oldstrong was a champion of the Shadow People, and ancient alien race that had settlements in Sakaar. Skaar is a human-shadow hybrid.

When Crown City was destroyed by the explosion of a spaceship engines, Caiera Oldstrong was pregnant with twins. She died despite Hulk attempts to protect her, but even as she died she used her control over the Oldpower to protect her unborn sons.

Skaar was born months later, emerging from a lake of lava in his hulked-up form, and already able to walk, fight and hunt.

For a few years, Skaar lived in the fringes of civilization, a barbarian with little interest to become a farmer, and even less to approach one of the more advanced cities, which were ruled by corrupt aristocrats that hoarded all technology and generally enslaved other races.

After a few years the warlord Axeman Bone invaded the region, and Skaar was attacked by slave hunters, and then by soldiers when he beat up the slavers. After a few skirmishes he found to his chagrin that he was hailed as a hero by the oppressed population, because he was pretty much the only one powerful enough to fight back.

Even when claiming he just wanted to be left alone, Skaar was angered by the near-genocidal behavior of the warlord and his men. And than in rage, he was even stronger. In time, he became the leader of the resistance, and eventually he defeated the army of Axeman Bone.

But this first victory only meant he had become of the warlords of Sakaar, so to a brief peace eventually followed another war and then more war. Despite some patches of advanced technology and mysticism, Sakaar is a violent planet of warring races and tyrannical city states. Skaar only grew more powerful with the years, eventually learning to wield a fraction of the Oldpower of her mother's people, besides his incredible gamma-born strength.

Then Galactus came. The arrival of the World Devoured brought the Shadow People mystics out of seclusion, and led by the spirit of Caiera herself, they built a fleet of stone ships to evacuate the whole world. Caiera approached Skaar pleading him to help, and offering her guidance and love.

Skaar disagreed with the plan. Years of fighting, usually winning, made him arrogant, and he was decided the right way was fight for Sakaar, not flee like cowards. He attacked and defeated the herald of Galactus (who was very weak due to Sakaar strange energy emanations) and then took the control of the Oldpower, destroying the stone-ship fleet and challenging Galactus himself. Skaar threatened to poison Sakaar with the Oldpower and drive Galactus insane if he ate Sakaar. Could he do it? Galactus thought maybe he could! So the World Devourer took his herald and left.

Caiera and the Shadow People were not happy with Skaar actions. He had risked the life of a billion people to bluff Galactus himself. They exiled him using one of the strange dimensional anomalies of the planet. They tried to send him to Earth, to his father's world, but those portals are hard to control, so Skaar arrived Earth, but not the Earth he was supposed to go.

Character Details

Skaar is a conflicted young man from another planet. On one hand he is a barbarian that loves the wilds and holds civilization in contempt. In the other hand, he is a genius level intellect that needs challenges and likes to solve complex problems.

A warrior born, while claiming to want to just 'be left alone', he nevertheless (not that he admits it) likes to be challenged, loves to tough fight and feels very comfortable in the middle of a battlefield.

He insists he doesn't care for others, and often is indifferent to people with 'small' problems. They need to toughen up, anyway. But when a major threat that could cost lives appears, he is compelled to interfere by a sense of justice he refuses to admit exists.

He is stubborn, and arrogant, but also honest and extremely brave. He is violent and often merciless, and doesn't like people too much, unless they are honest, brave warriors themselves. He follows his own, strict code of honor, while stubbornly denying he has any.


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Skaar by the numbers:

Hulk’s Might
Although his strength/toughness varies, it remains within the same range
Strength 12
Toughness 12
Jumping 7 (8 if angry, 9 if very angry)
Regeneration 13
Stamina 12 (?)

Hulking Down
Strength 7

The Old Power
Strength, Toughness 10 (usually irrelevant)
Regeneration 12 (usually irrelevant)
Earth/stone control 12

Hand to hand fighting 4, fighting with ranged weapons 3
Hunting and survival 4
Smithing 3
Tactics and Strategy 5

Other Traits
Agility 6
Speed 6
Intellect 5
Willpower 5

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