Son Of Satan
Son of Satan
Portrayed by Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Full Name Daimon Hellstrom
Age 31
Height 6'1"
Build Devilish
Eyes Green/Red
Hair Dark
Factions None
Occupation Exorcist/Occultist
Alignment Neutral

Claim to Fame

Unknown to the general public


Most people don't know Daimon Hellstrom. Among occult circles, however, he carries a fearful and mixed reputation. The Son of Satan, obviously, inspires distrust and horror - those who set themselves on the side of the angels rarely have much use for antichrists, even reluctant ones. On the other hand, Daimon's proven himself a skilled sorceror and masterful exorcist and he has still (mostly) used his powers for the benefit of mankind. He has done so, however, ruthlessly and with a demonic savagery that befits his Satanic heritage. Even on the side of light, Hellstrom's soul is cloaked in shadow.


The infernal being named Marduk, known by some as Shaitan, a claimant to the crown of Satan the Adversary, made for himself a family in a small town in New England. There, his wife raised a son and a daughter - Daimon was the elder of the two, the apple of their eye. Mischievous and whipsmart, he favored his mother and tended to her side, even as his sister clung to their father and his darker ways. He didn't fully understand his heritage until his mother went mad, confessing the truth to him, and his sister disappeared along with her father. He sought, delving deep into the occult to find the truth of the matter and, along the way, he awoke within him his Darksoul, the demonic fragment of his true self from whence he gains his power. The Darksoul filled him with wickedness and it took him years to control, to merge the Darksoul into his own self. He studied black magick (all magick he does is black - his very nature twists even beneficent spellwork) and became an exorcist, battling his father by casting his demon servants back into the abyss. Eventually, he came to confront his father, travelling into the hell dimension he called home and attempting to usurp his power. Daimon failed but, in the attempt, he stole his father's Netheraneum trident, the hell-forged metal intensifying his powers and serving as a perfect weapon. Infernally strong, mystickally potent and morally questionable, Hellstrom, as the Son of Satan, sometimes called Hellstorm, has cut a swathe through the supernatural world. But, for as much as he's risen, everyone waits for the day when he, like his father before him, will fall - a day that will surely be marked with fire and blood and death.

Character Details

Daimon Hellstrom carries inside him great darkness and pain. He is the son of the devil and he has suffered for it his whole life. Ostracized, alienated and inhuman, he walks a lonely path among other living beings. He lost his mother to insanity and his sister to their father's evil. Whatever darkness bleeds through into him compares not at all to the torrential wickedness that threatens to consume him at all times, the hellfire in his soul constantly threatening to consume him, leaving him at war with his own soul. All of that pain and conflict, though, he hides. He hides it beneath a smirk and a wink, between the demeanor of a cunning trickster and a charming rogue. At times arrogant, at others courageous, Hellstrom has determined to live life by his own terms, bowing to no man or creature, willing to throw himself into the teeth of God if need be to assert his self-determination. He has a serious dark side: sadistic, vengeful, unforgiving, prone to bouts of depression and rage. But he's got greater compassion than many who consider themselves on the side of the angels - he sympathizes naturally with the outsiders, the disenfranchised and the downtrodden. He has no patience for bullies or elitists and is more than content to tear down the thrones of the self-righteous and break them beneath his heel.


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