Portrayed by N/A
Full Name Mikial Dimitri
Age 25
Height 6'4"
Build Tall and very broad shouldered
Eyes Hazel
Hair Dark blonde
Factions N/A
Occupation GCPD detective
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

Detective Mikial Dimitri is still relatively unknown on a world-scale but among the citizens of Gotham, he's already become known as the kind of Officer you can trust to do the right thing. Spearhead, his alias is just starting to gain some notoriety in Gotham and the surrounding areas and it is only a matter of time before he starts running into new friends and foes.


As Detective Mikial Dimitri he is a dedicated and incorruptible member of the Gotham City Police Department. As the masked vigilante SPEARHEAD, he is a harbinger of terror to the underworld; he doesn't kill them but he makes them wish he had.


Mikial Dimitri is the eldest son of Russian immigrants to move to America, their port of arrival being Gotham City where he was born and raised along with his younger brother Viktor. His parents did their best to provide for them, but Viktor got involved with gangs and drug running from an early age and Mikial could do nothing to stop it as the two fought frequently.

Mikial would marry his high school sweetheart Sarah and the two would have a young child named Mikey before Mikial shipped off with the United States Marine Corps to go overseas and fight. In his time overseas, Mikial served with distinction until an incident involving one of his superior officers which would have resulted in a discharge if not for a deal he took from a rather unscrupulous man.

As part of the deal, Mikial was recruited into an elite black ops team that was supposed to hunt down metahuman threats when two bits of bad news struck him. The first was that his wife and son had been killed due to something involving his brother and drug money, he was devastated but it gave him a clarity of mind.

It wasn't long before he discovered his employers were up to no good and he slipped away while on a mission, making himself an enemy of whoever this group happened to be.

Returning to Gotham, Mikial joined the Gotham City Police Department and has adopted the identity of the masked vigilante Spearhead, hoping to get revenge on the criminals of Gotham and protect others from suffering a loss like his.

Character Details

Mikial keeps somewhat to himself, though he by no means is anti-social, not one to put up with much crap or extreme veiwpoints, he will stand up for someone getting outnumbered or harrassed in the barscene. Mikial also tries to be a gentleman, particularly in the presence of the fairer sex. Mikial is a good friend, when he is one to someone, but won't keep from friendly teasing and such. He also isn't the kind to deliver bad news to someone 'softly', he will get down to the point, as he is a little bad on delivering bad news.


Spearhead's image is used with the express permission of Sector 13 Studios and is used in the T.I.T.A.N. 2100 Encyclopedia which can be found at DriveThruFiction

Character Gallery


The Butcher Of New York
March 31, 2015: The Butcher hits New York and Partisan, May and some others take him out.
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March 31, 2015: A twisted conspiracy ends up pitting a NYC gang against a mob of mutants in a bloody, racist confrontation over an incoming shipment of Smooth. The altercation brings different vigilantes together, but the end result is a tragedy of its own right, and a victory for HYDRA. (Vulgarity, racism, gruesome violence, drugs)
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Chance Encounter
March 22nd, 2015: Contingency-C and Spearhead take down a group of thugs while Spider-Gwen defaces a billboard.
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Bye Bye Stompy
March 19th, 2015: Members of the JL:A go to Africa on a humanitarian visit.
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Meet the Fiver
March 15, 2015: Following a potential lead about his brother, Mikial and Rain run into a very unexpected zombie.
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Legacy of Zod
March 13th, 2015: A young up and coming hero named Power Slammer stops an armored car robbery. He meets his hero Superman, only it isn't Superman; it's the so called 'Dark Superman' who reveals himself as GENERAL ZOD and kills him.

Nyx, Hawkeye (The Girl one), Booster Gold, Spearhead, Contingency C & Supergirl try to stop him.

They all fail.
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Drug Bust At The Ironworks
March 8, 2015: Jericho, Zee, Jesana, Dinah, Shift, Rain, Misfit, Spearhead and May attack the Gotham Ironworks and get more than they bargained for.
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The Tides of Blood: Atlantis Invades
March 6, 2015: The Atlanteans Invade! Can our heroes turn back the tide?
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A Werewolf in Central Park
March 03 2015: The Fox and Zee meet a Syndicate enforcer in Central Park. It goes poorly
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Helicarrier Hijacking: Brains of the Operation
March 01 2015: A small team of X-Men, Zatanna and Spearhead respond to an urgent request for help in battling a twisted SHIELD helicarrier
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Put some Mustard on it!
February 28, 2015: Spider-Man, Longshot, and Spearhead band together to battle the terror of a bad lunch. Lunair on emits.
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Sins of the Future #3: Deception
February 26th, 2016: Alex Summers heads to the outskirts of Gotham City after he receives a text from a stranger claiming to have information about his long lost brother; Scott. Spearhead and Falcon happen to be in the area on their own business and get drawn into a mysterious encounter, with Alex being the target. (Emits by Rachel)
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Rigatti The Bull
February 17, 2015: Riggati the Bull decides to feed from a Gotham Ley Line. An intrepid band of heroes decide to take him on…
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Four Doctors and a Bird
February 17 2015: Pepper rounds up a bunch of helpful, well meaning people and sics them on Jim.
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The Tides of Blood: Atlantean Attack
February 15, 2015: The Atlanteans launch an attack on a beach in Metropolis, and are met with opposition by a small but dedicated team
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Gotham's St. Valentine's Day Massacre
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AIMing High
March 14 2015: After a coded call for aid, a mismatched, impromptu group of heroes and military types attacks an AIM Lab.
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