Portrayed by Dylan O'Brien
Full Name Peter Benjamin Parker
Age 22
Height 5'9"
Build Wiry
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Factions TBD
Occupation Freelance Photographer/Student
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

To some he's a great threat to the city. To other he's a great hero, the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man. Either way, people tend to know who he is.


Spider-Man is wanted by the NYPD for vigilantism, and panned in the Bugle almost daily, but he has a fairly vocal minority of the city's people in his corner and tends to be well-liked by those in the hero community.


Peter Parker was born in the Forest Hills neighborhood of Queens. His parents died when he was young and he was taken in by his aunt and uncle, Ben and May Parker. They were good parents, and Peter had a good childhood, though his obsession with science and other geeky pursuits, along with his thick-lensed glasses, led his classmates to tease him.

On a trip with his class to an OsCorp genetics laboratory, Peter was bitten by a spider that had escaped from its confinement. The bite made him very sick for about a day, but when he recovered he discovered he could see clearly without his glasses, that he was stronger than he ever had been, that he had incredible reflexes and a sixth sense that allowed him to tell when he was in danger.

At first this was the greatest thing ever. Peter used his abilities to take petty revenge on the people who'd harassed him over the years, getting into fights he could actually win — deliberately — and using his powers to troll the heck out of twits who'd made fun of him for being smart.

Only a couple of days later, Peter got in a major fight with his uncle when he forgot a promise to come right home after school that he'd made to his aunt. He stormed out, got a hassle from the clerk at a convenience store where he was trying to get a drink, and so didn't stop the thief in line behind him from clearing out the cash register. When he left the store after hearing a gunshot, he found that the thief had killed his uncle. Peter tracked down the thief and turned him over to the police, but he knew that he was really the one to blame.

Peter went home and made himself a costume he could wear, developed a formula that would duplicate webbing and devices that would fire off the webs. In the last few years, despite so many instances that have suggested to him that the world is against him, he's fought crime in New York City and wherever else he's been needed — all in memory of his greatest mistake.

Character Details

Peter Parker is a bright, bookish young man who is chronically tardy or absent for his commitments. He feels an intense guilt about his uncle's murder, knowing he could have prevented it, and a lower sense of resentment about the things he gives up so he can be Spider-Man. He'd give a lot to be able to let himself just be Peter Parker from day to day, instead of needing to race off at the drop of a hat and stop a mugging or save a bus-load of people from running into a brick wall.

As Spider-Man, Peter is jocular and heroic, using quips to distract and enrage his opponents (and hide his own nerves) and doing everything he can to help people in trouble. He isn't called 'the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man' for nothing.


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New Player as of February 2015

Character Gallery


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