Portrayed by TBD
Full Name Jessica Miriam Drew
Age 27 (92)
Height 5'10
Build Curvy + Lean Muscle
Eyes Green
Hair Dyed Black
Factions SHIELD
Occupation SHIELD Agent, Superhero
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

Knocking off Spider-Man's name.


Jessica's reputation is mostly good, both in the superhero circuit and the government agency circuit, but sometimes with a slight undercurrent of wondering if she can be trusted or not. She's known to be willing to help pretty much anyone who asks.


  • Only child of Jonathan Drew and Merriam Drew.
  • Father was research partner to Dr. Herbert Edgar Wyndham, later the High Evolutionary.
  • Raised in Transia, near Wundagore Mountain.
  • Jess fell ill as a young girl, in 1931, affected by the radioactive uranium.
  • Her father and Dr. Wyndham cooperated on an emergency treatment, injecting her with her father's experimental spider serum, subjecting her to Wyndham's evolving ray, and then placing her in extended suspended animation.
  • Shortly after, her mother was attacked and killed by a werewolf.
  • Her father left Wundagore.
  • While in the genetic accelerator, she aged at an incredibly reduced rate, decades later, when she was released, she was a teenage girl.
  • Jessica grew up on Mount Wundagore, under the care of Lady Bova, one of the High Evolutionary's New Men.
  • She received the equivalent of a high school education, and left when she didn't seem to fit in.
  • At first, she was confused, being around other humans.
  • Jess became involved with a young villager, and when startled by his father while in an intimate embrace, she accidentally discharged her bioelectricity, killing her lover.
  • Fleeing an angry mob after the incident Count Otto Vermis rescued her.
  • HYDRA, under the control of Count Otto Vermis, recruited her as a HYDRA agent.
  • Using brainwashing, and mental manipulation HYDRA convinced her she was not human, but actually an evolved spider.
  • While serving HYDRA they put her through rigorous espionage and martial arts training.
  • During this time she went by the alias Arachne and she battled S.H.I.E.L.D. and its director Nick Fury, who revealed Vermis as a cold-blooded killer, and HYDRA's true nature.
  • She quit HYDRA, betrayed them, and fled.
  • Wishing to prove to herself that she was human, Jess became obsessed with finding her parents, or at least what had happened to them.
  • On the trail of Jonathan Drew, her father, she met Magnus. A ghost who had posessed her father's body decades ago. He told her he had felt Jonathan die just months before and to continue her search in America.
  • Some measure of success is had in the City by the Bay. She started up a private investigation service and did work on the side as Spider-Woman. She would become known as the 'dark angel of San Francisco' during this time. She made friends, she made enemies, and she probably made some frenemies, too. She fought Viper, who tried to convince her that she was her mother — Jessica's still not sure what to make of that. But, all good things must come to an end and part of that end included an offer she couldn't refuse from her old pal Magnus.
  • Insert various problems with her powers failing or being stolen which can be fleshed out with PCs if needed.
  • Seeking a more permanent solution to her fluctuating powers, she wound up taking an offer from HYDRA toward that end. HYDRA wanted her to join SHIELD so she could garner information from them; after a chat with Nick Fury, she joins SHIELD and proceeds to play the role of double-agent. SHIELD feeds her limited information to pass to HYDRA and she passes HYDRA-related information to SHIELD. It's a win-win all around until Nick goes missing for a while.
  • Eighteen months later and she not only has her powers, but they're better than before. Current times see her as being somewhat adrift. Stuck with grunt work at SHIELD despite her rank and with HYDRA having no immediate use for her as a result, she's taken up the role of Spider-Woman a bit more actively in the hopes that it'll keep her distracted.

Character Details

She's fierce and independent, the sort of person who — despite her occasional desires otherwise — will survive no matter what. She's learned, to some degree, how to survive in the wilds of the world … if not necessarily thrive. More than that, she can do it alone, without help; asking for help is only an option when all others have been exhausted. Jessica just won't quit.

She really, really doesn't know her place in this world. She's restless, anxious, and always on the search for some place where she fits in. Her lack of solid social grace doesn't help matters and the fact that she's never really had a chance to strike it out on her own and find out what she wants to do hasn't helped matters, either. She's guided not by her own thoughts and whims but the needs of others who would take full advantage of her. She's so used to it by now that she probably wouldn't know the first thing about doing anything on her own without those external guides in place.

She wants friends. She needs friends. She just lacks the ability to reliably acquire those friends. While she's been surprised in the past and does have two or three really close people that she trusts, she's also a victim of her own abilities. Sure, she could push her pheromones, but what quality of friend could that possibly garner her? On the other hand, her tendency to pull up her shields of caustic wit and biting commentary is just as liable to scare people off as endear them. Add to that her emotional vulnerability and it's just a recipe for disaster. Finding that happy place of friendship is hard enough, made worse by her upbringing and general life until this point. Her lack of social grace is a terrible thing and she's no doubt destined to a long life of flying it solo until she figures those nuances out.

To her mind, she's worthless without her powers. Without that added edge, she just feels even worse off than she already it. Never mind that she's smart, attractive, and the girl that most guys would want — deep down, she hates herself for all the things that make her who she is and then hates herself for that hate. That nasty little voice of self-doubt is a loud one and silencing it has not been successful. She takes failure badly and successes are downplayed as being a matter of luck or timing, rather than skill.

Danger? She can handle it. In fact, she thrives on the rush of adrenaline and the thrill of getting out of a bad situation by the skin of her teeth. Challenge her to do something and she'll not only do it, but take it to the level of risk. Maybe there's a twinge of a death wish worked into this recklessness, but it seems to serve her well and she hasn't died /yet/ …

She's smart. She's sassy. She tells it like it is and sod off if you can't handle it, you wanker. It's a nice bit of armor she wears and she usually relies on this aspect of her personality to cover for all the nasty imperfections underneath.

Unfortunately for her, her personality and history have made her quite the monkey in the middle of a lot of shenanigans. Her emotional instability makes her far more pliable than she likes. She might be forever doomed to be That Girl (tm) who winds up repeating life mistakes a few too many times before she really /gets/ it.


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