Portrayed by Zoƫ Bell
Full Name Rita Wayword
Age 28
Height 5'10"
Build Athletic, graceful, and multi-limbed
Eyes Pure white
Hair Silver
Factions None
Occupation Supervillain
Alignment Villain

Claim to Fame

Ricochet Rita was well known in the entertainment industry before her disappearance, but it would take someone who knew her very well to recognize the stuntwoman now.


Spiral is feared and despised throughout the Mojoverse. Here on Earth, she's an unknown quantity.


Rita Wayword was a successful stuntwoman who was unlucky enough to catch the eye of Mojo years ago. She vanished from the planet in 2010 and was rebuilt into a twisted creature capable of seeking out 'talent' anywhere in the multiverse, subduing and kidnapping them, and then surgically altering them into the perfect avatar of whatever ideal was most likely to capture Mojovision ratings at the time. She was good at her work, but her task made it impossible not to speculate about her own origins, which had been wiped from her memory. Using her incredible knowledge of the augmentation process, she was able to strip away many of the behavioral controls built into her, allowing greater and greater acts of rebellion against Mojo.

This could never remain secret forever. When she was found out, Mojo's ire was incendiary and her punishment swift. She was stripped of her rank and exiled back to the backwater planet she was born on.

Ignorant of her origins but deeply curious about the mysterious society that she must have come from, Spiral became a pop culture junkie, indiscriminately absorbing any and all trashy entertainment produced on the planet in the last fifty years. Floored by the underlying similarities to Mojoverse culture, yet humiliated by human society's staid inability to measure up to that universe's excesses, Spiral has made it her personal mission to Footloose our quaint little civilization into something to make the Spineless Ones quiver with envy.

Character Details

Spiral is an anarchic, hedonistic trash culture hipster dead set on disrupting, transforming, or destroying anything she perceives as 'boring.' Her motivations are opaque and her actions unpredictable.


Image Name Relation Notes
nopic-m.png Mojo Disgruntled former employer A disgusting creature who can force Spiral to do his bidding at any time. Fortunately, she managed to piss him off enough that he's currently leaving her alone.


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Character Gallery


The Downward Spiral
January 25, 2015: Janet, Hank, and Carol are trying to enjoy a night out when Spiral gets bored and decides to send the party crashing through the floor.
(log: 20150125-the-downward-spiral | tags: ant-man defenders ms_marvel nyc spiral wasp | posted: 26 Jan 2015 05:02)

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