Portrayed by Sienna Miller
Full Name Jacqueline Falsworth-Crichton
Age 26 (91)
Height 5'4"
Build Athletic runner
Eyes Blue
Hair Platinum Blonde
Factions None
Occupation CEO of Falsworth Industries
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

Daughter of Lord Montgomery Falsworth, Marquess of Falsworth; Widow of Lord Cedric Crichton, Marquess of Crichton; now considered the Dowager Marchioness Crichton. CEO of Falsworth International. Celebrated WW2 war hero.


That Spitfire is Lady Jacqueline Falsworth-Crichton is well known in Britain — as is the fact that she somehow lost 50 years of age as the result of some sort of swansong mission. She's a war hero, an aristocrat, and CEO of one of the more influential British corporations. A minor British celebrity. However, the intelligence community knows that Spitfire is a senior MI-13 operative and Agent of the Crown, though she is somewhat selective about her missions, these days. She is known for sharp wit, pragmatic decisions, and an indomitable will.


Born in 1923, in Maidstone, England, Jacqueline Falsworth was the youngest of two children and is now the last of the Falsworth line. Her father, Montgomery Falsworth, Marquess of Falsworth, was the original Union Jack and a founding member of the Freedom Five, an international superteam that operated during WW1, thus creating a legacy of heroism in the family. (His greatest nemesis — and, after a fashion, hers — would turn out to be his own brother? a vampire. Gotta love 1940's pulp fiction.)

Lady Jane Falsworth, Jacqueline's mother, died during the Blitz, causing her distraught daughter to join the Air Raid Precautions organization in London. She would subsequently go on to join the Women's Voluntary Service, the SOE, and, in more modern times, the SAS and MI-13. In 1942, Jacqueline was attacked by her vampiric uncle and left for dead. She didn't die, however, but was, instead, saved by a transfusion of blood from one of her father's more exotic (and virtually immortal) WW2 team mates.

The transfusion activated latent mutagenic abilities in Jacqueline, granting her super-speed and the requisite durabilities and endurances such a gift requires. She joined her father's new superteam, using the codename Spitfire, and became one of the most celebrated heroes of the war, commended for the rescue of the British Royal Family and Prime Minister Churchill at least once — among many other actions.

After the war, Jacqueline retired from heroics, married Cedric Crichton, Marquess of Crichton, and bore a son named Kenneth. She claimed, over the years, that her metahuman abilities had faded, though this was not strictly true. Suffering from a form of PTSD brought on by the atrocities she'd witnessed in the war, she created a mental block that prohibited her from accessing her powers except in the direst of circumstances.

Cedric died in the late-seventies, when Kenneth was in art school, and at the beginning of the eighties, Jacqueline returned home to Falsworth Manor to tend to her aging father. Kenneth became increasingly estranged from his mother, whom he blamed for the anemia that left him weaker and frailer than most other young men his age.

The seventies and eighties were tough times for the British economy and, consequently, for Falsworth Industries, as well. After Lord Falsworth died in 1981, Jacqueline took over his corporate and political responsibilities. Ten years later, she was approached by an old friend seeking her help to rescue some mutual former colleagues. Unable to reach any of her usual contacts, save one, Jacqueline dusted off an old spitfire plane she'd nostalgically kept, pulled out an old Enfield rifle, called in a favour from the one contact she could reach, and joined in the rescue operation. She was critically wounded during the extraction, but was saved by the man they were trying to rescue — the same man who'd first saved her life back in the war. He had medics extract his blood and give it to her, keeping her from dying.

By now in her late sixties, Jacqueline had been contemplating a well-earned retirement. The transfusion, however, did more than just save her from death. It rejuvenated her to the point that her body regressed a good fifty years; she looked and felt like she was in her late teens again. Needless to say, this caused quite a stir among both the British establishment and the gossip rags whose lifeblood was prying into the private affairs of national celebrities and aristocrats.

Her abilities 'returned' — though, in truth, they were simply 'released' because the psychosomatic blocks that had held them in check disappeared — even stronger than before. Younger colleagues tried entice her back into public life, tried to rid her of the habits of the old lady she'd been, but they had only limited success. When one of the directors on the board of trustees for Falsworth Industries launched a campaign to oust her from the company, however, she fought back, eventually growing the company into Falsworth International, one of Britain's more influential Fortune 500s.

Family obligations satisfied, Jacqueline turned her attention to more patriotic pursuits. After the death (and transformation) of her son at the hands of a vampiress created by her uncle years before, she accepted Her Majesty's invitation to resume her work as a Special Agent of the Crown. She worked closely with both MI-5 and MI-13, as well as with the SAS and the British Secret Service. She became, for all intents and purposes, 'the elder stateswoman' of British superhumans, on good terms with most of the Kingdom's heroes.

By the late 2000's, however, it had become clear to her that her uncle's attack decades before had left a much more indelible mark on her than she'd first assumed. The blood transfusions she'd received from her father's colleague had, perhaps, altered the vampire's affect on her, delayed it some, but hadn't actually stopped it. Not entirely, at least. When nearly catastrophic mystical forces threatened to overwhelm the United Kingdom, a new recruit to MI-13, a vampire hunter, sensed the vampiric nature within her and tried to stake her. He was narrowly defeated by another colleague with a knack for biokinesis, who was able to keep Jacqueline alive. Once the vampire hunter understood that Jacqueline's vampiric nature was entirely under her iron control and that she, thus, presented no threat to humanity, he trained her in how to better utilize that nature in her work — stabilizing her appearance as that of a woman in her mid-to-late-twenties — and helped her come to terms with her family's long struggle with the masters of the undead.

Now, several years later, Lady Crichton has moved to America in an effort to help build Falsworth America (a division of Falsworth International) and work more closely with several of the more forward-thinking American corporations.

Character Details

As a girl, Jacqueline Falsworth was a patriotic firebrand and staunch feminist. As she aged, however, she became increasingly the "proper British lady", with a stiff upper lip, staid demeanor, and a tendency to live in the past. Since being de-aged, however, while still understated and possessed of the tight, British reserve one would expect of a woman of her station, she has a something of a new lease on life and harkens somewhat back to her younger self. She's not afraid to let her hair down and have a good time (though her definition of a 'good time' is an evening at the pub with colleagues and friends, rather than club hopping with the latest socialites and starlets-du-jour). Nevertheless, her long life and association with the military and intelligence communities have made her sharp, pragmatic, and disciplined. Despite the celebrity her position and status afford her, she is a very private person, disinclined to needless public display. She is the last of the Falsworths and every inch her father's daughter — tough, resourceful, determined, and indomitable, ever guided by her clear sense of familial honour and patriotic duty.


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