Portrayed by Sasha Pieterse
Full Name Courtney Whitmore
Age 19
Height 5'5"
Build Athletic
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Factions N/A
Occupation Student/Heroine
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

Stargirl was quite well known in LA as a teenage heroine. In Metropolis her fame is starting to grow. She has been in a few papers and on the news for her exploits. Soon she will be a household name.


Stargirl has reputation as a up and coming heroine.


Born Courtney Whitmore, Stargirl had a pretty normal childhood in Los Angeles despite being raised by a single mother.
Courtney does well in school, not validictorian good, but in the top 10 of her class. She was popular, a cheerleader and on the gymnastics team.
As a teen her mother met and married Pat Dugan, who's secret identity was Stripesy. Not particularly liking Dugan she goes though his stuff and finds his costume and Cosmic Belt.
In a nose thumbing gesture toward him she dons both the costume and the Cosmic Belt and goes out to fight crime as the new Star Spangled Kid.
Dugan, now her step-father, finds out and designs a robotic suit and calls himself S.T.R.I.P.E and follows her around to protect her.
After a while she finds out that S.T.R.I.P.E is actually Dugan and resents his over protective nature and goes out to find someone else to serve as her mentor.
During a patrol on the streets of L.A, Stargirl encounters another hero in the midst of a one-sided fight with some bad guys. Things weren't looking good for him (we'll call him SM for short), so she pitched in and through a team effort they trounced the bad guys.
SM was impressed by her bravery, resourcefulness and heroism and took her on as a protege.
With a new mentor, Stargirl became a well known heroine in Los Angeles.
Eventually she patches things up with Dugan and inherits SM's alien-tech, known as the Star Rod when he retires.
Having gotten a full ride cheerleadig scholarship for Met U, Courtney moves to Metropolis, living in the dorms at the University and getting a part time job at a coffee house.
Not content to just live the life of a college student, she continues to fight crime as Stargirl. She has been living in Metropolis for a year, is a sophomore in college and is starting to make her name for herself in the Metropolis area as a heroine.

Character Details

Courtney, like, most teenagers, is inexperienced when it comes to life. Sure she has been a hero for a few years and has some skills, but she has experienced little in the way of emotional pain and loss, at least compared to what she will have experienced in the years ahead. Try to tell that to a teenager and you will just get a 'yeah right' look. Courtney is no exception. She things she has all the answers to life, the universe and everything…hey she read Douglas Adams, the answer is 42. ;) Yes she is innocent and not just a little naive.
For the most part Courtney is a good kid, kind of quiet and a bit of a follower, but she is beginning to come into her own as she gets comfortable in her own skin.
Courtney has a positive attitude that ranges from 'glass half-full' to 'get a smaller glass' but rarely ever ranges into the pessimistic 'Wah! It's half empty!"
Morally her compass points to true north. She has a tendency to look at things in black and white, but is slowly discovering that life is technicolor and not as simple as that.
She loves being a hero and will go out of her way save the day. Though she doesn't see why she can't be a hero and get paid for it to and not be considered a sellout.


Image Supergirl Possible Friend Another teen heroine. Took out a couple of giant robots together.
medium.jpg Supergirl Friend Another teen heroine. Took out a couple of giant robots together.
medium.jpg Arsenal Possible Ally Took out a couple of giant robots together.


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