Steve Trevor
Steve Trevor
Portrayed by Ryan Gosling
Full Name Stephen Rockwell Trevor
Age 34
Height 6'1"
Build Athletic
Eyes Blue
Hair Blond
Factions Justice League: Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D.
Occupation Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

United States Air Force Colonel Stephen Rockwell Trevor, Retired, is a member of the United States' Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement, and Logistics Division. He currently serves as the liason between S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Justice League: Avengers Initiative. He is also the man who discovered the tiny island nation of Themyscira.


Steve Trevor is a known in government circles and the superhero community as a man who gets things done. He is calm under fire, resourceful, and a highly capable man.


Stephen Rockwell Trevor is the son United States Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Ulysses Stephen Trevor, and his wife, Diana Rockwell, who was a barnstormer for a flying circus before she joined her husband as an Air Force pilot.

When his mother disappeared, he was left to be raised by his father, which probably accounts for some of his bad habits, but not all. Despite the tragedy in his family, he grew up wanting to become a pilot, and he achieved that dream. Flying was in his blood and he had to put his hands into the fire.

His started out much the same as every other airman. He flew all manner of missions, from simple escorts, search and rescue, to combat. The United States always seems to be at war with some corner of the globe, so there was that.

Eventually, he became a test pilot, focusing more on research and development. He flew a lot of different types of aircraft and he got to meet a lot of people in the aerospace industry. But one flight stood out from the rest.

Not the least of which because he crashed. When flying prototypes, there's always a risk, and fortunately, he was able to make a soft landing on the island of Themyscira. Since that day, his life has never been the same.

As a man, he was instantly viewed with suspicion and doubt. He thought that they were going to kill him. Some of them wanted to. But his boyish charm, or chauvinistic ignorance, eventually won them over… barely. Somehow, he was able to convince them that he posed absolutely no threat to the Amazons.

During his stay on "Paradise Island", he became infatuated with the Queen's daughter, Diana, who won the contest to see who would accompany him to what they called the Patriarch's World. She became Themyscira's ambassador. He would have liked to help. But unfortunately, his duties took him elsewhere.

He lost touch with her, and the Island. But somehow, flying just didn't have the same appeal anymore. He wanted more. He had been near greatness, and he liked it. So when a man from S.H.I.E.L.D. came calling, it was an easy choice.

It got his mind off of Diana and the Amazons. Sure, she was still in the news, he paid attention whenever he heard about her in the news. But he threw himself into his work. He wanted to be the best damn Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. that he could be. And it worked. He quickly rose through the ranks.

Then he got the assignment. He was tasked with serving as the liaison between the government and the Justice League: Avengers Initiative. He jumped at the chance and hasn't looked back since. He is Steve Trevor, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Character Details

Steve is a man of honour. He can be relied upon to do the right thing, even when doing so would not be in his own self-interest. He is a decent, kind-hearted guy, who has respect for others. He doesn't suffer half-hearted efforts easily. As far as he's concerned, you do it right, or you don't bother doing it at all. Someone will just have to do it again afterwards.

He can be cranky and cantankerous. He has one hell of a temper when he's riled up. But that's usually reserved for the times when someone has done something wrong due to their own laziness or a lack of commitment. People make mistakes. It happens. But if you don't give him your best, then you're not just letting him down, you're letting the rest of the team down as well. And he says a team is not a team unless you give a damn about one another.

He's spent his life serving one institution or another, so it's no surprise that he holds duty and honour in high regard. But that's just the surface. Underneath it all, he's a modern day cowboy. He's a straight-shooting, hand-on type who never backs away from a fight. The odds are the other guy's problem. He's an idealist and he's managed to hold onto them through adversity. He's the type of guy to get involved, whether he's wanted or not.


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