Portrayed by Cleopatra Wood
Full Name Ororo Iqadi Munroe
Age 28
Height 5'11"
Build Athletic, curvy
Eyes Blue
Hair White, natural
Factions X-Men
Occupation Teacher
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

There aren't a lot of black women with white hair and blue eyes, so guessing that she's that mutant that is sometimes seen around New York would be a pretty safe bet.


Ororo is known for being fair minded and friendly, if somewhat aloof. She is a defender of Mutant Rights and Equality, willing to use her obvious mutations to make her a icon for same.


Ororo is the daughter of N'Dare, who was a princess of a tribe of Kenya, and David Munroe, an American photojournalist. The pair fell in love, married and moved to the states, where Ororo was born. Her mother, and therefor Ororo herself, was from a long line of African priestesses/sorceresses that all bore white hair and blue eyes as the mark of their deep magic potential.

While still just a baby, Ororo's parents moved to Cairo while her father was on an assignment. When only five years old, a plane crashed into their home, killing both her parents and trapping Ororo with her dead mother in the wreckage and rubble of their home. Though she managed to escape the rubble days later with nothing but her tattered clothes and her mother's ancestral ruby, Ororo's psyche was scarred by the event with an accute claustrophobia.

Now without a home or parents, Ororo was was found by a gang of street urchins and taken to their leader, Achmed el-Gibar. He taught her in the arts of theivery and she quickly became the Artful Dodger to his Fagin, his most prized pupil. It was while picking the pocket of an American tourist, that Ororo first came to the attention of Charles Xavier. Using his telepathy to stop the theft, he then tried to approach her but was attacked by another mutant which allowed for Ororo to escape. Xavier made a mental note to keep tabs on the young girl as a possible entry to the school he was starting, but felt that it was not a good time just then.

When she was 12, Ororo felt a strong urge to head south and so left Cairo. Naively trusting a stranger in his offer to give her a ride, Ororo accepted. During the drive, the man started behaving badly, to the point that Ororo was forced to defend herself. The trauma of having killed someone devastated her so much that she vowed never to take a human life again. She continued down south, passing through the Sahara desert where she nearly died until her mutant power manifested and saved her life. Upon finally reaching the homeland of her matriarchal line in the Kilimanjaro Valley on the Serengeti Plain in Kenya, Ororo was taken in by an elderly tribal woman, Ainet, who taught her to be responsible with her powers. The local tribes, in awe of her powers, began to worship her as a goddess and she was referred to a Goddess of the Plains.

Ten years later, Ororo was approached by Xavier to help him find a team of missing mutants. He gave her the code name of Storm, and it was here that she decided to stay with the X-Men upon finding out that she was not a Goddess but rather a mutant. She has been with the X-men ever since, very fond of teaching the new mutants and acting as a role model for them.

Character Details

Storm tends to be calm, keeping her emotions in check. She has a fondness for the younger members of the X-Men, wanting them to keep their innocence for as long as possible. She can at times come across as a little patronizing, but she always means well and is truly trying to do what is best for everyone.


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