Storm Surge
Storm Surge
Portrayed by Chace Crawford
Full Name Rowan
Age 28
Height 6'2"
Build Slight and Lean
Eyes Hazel
Hair Muddy Brown
Factions None
Occupation Dimensional Refugee/Commando
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

Rowan isn’t famous among either his people or the surface world on Earth 626, though on Earth 81 he was a military legend. It’s hard to miss a soldier that can transform into a twenty ton lizard and rip apart warships with his bare hands.


Rowan, or Storm Surge as he went by back home, has is at present a relative unknown among the denizens of Earth 626 though he does have this way of, ahem, making a splash.


Earth 81 isn’t hell… but it’s about as close as one gets without upsetting Etrigan. This is no less true under the waves than it is on the land. The support of the Atlanteans for various bands of Homo Magi against the psionic overlords that rule most of the surface has cost the world under the waves dearly as the war has not been confined to the land, nor have the psionic overlords been particularly discriminating in their targets, striking the dwellings of Atlanteans, Lemurians, Blue and Black alike.

It was into this world that Rowan was born with an extremely rare genetic quirk that left him utterly without the hydrokinetic ability common to his people. In better times this would have perhaps been simply unusual and occasionally inconvenient. With matters as they stood though, it was enough for him to be viewed in some ways as a cripple and a curiosity. And, by some, a rare treasure.

The very fact that Rowan lacked his people’s usual psionic powers was itself an opportunity. One of the biggest limiting factors in tech use for the blue was the fact that their brand of cybernetics tended to interfere with their natural psionic ability. This wasn’t a huge disadvantage when the best weapons that hostile land dwellers had to throw at them were submarines and charges dropped from surface ships and the occasional land dwelling metahuman. However, the air breather’s technology became more and more advanced – particularly in their ability to create cybernetic super soldiers that could maneuver and fight effectively in the depths – the inability of the Blue in particular to leverage their own technology became a great problem, one that they were unable to solve as their hydrokinetic heritage was so ingrained in their culture and being that even under extremis the Blue were loath to deprive their people of it for the sake of making warriors.

Rowan, however, had no such limitation. When he came of age he was extended an invitation to serve his people in a unique way, by taking part in an usual collaborative process between Atlanteans, Blues and the reclusive Black that would if successful forge him into a shield for his people and a sword against their enemies. With surfacer attacks intensifying and claiming more lives every day, it was no surprise to anyone who knew him that he accepted.

The project combined Blue technology, Black mastery of genetic tampering and Atlantean magic to alter Rowan’s genetic and metaphysical nature – connecting him very deeply to the memories of ancient titans of sea and sky, allowing him to take on aspects of their nature or, in extremis, assume their forms.

Then they sent young Rowan to war. In the course of ten long years the young Blue fought the enemies of his people on land, in the sea and in the skies. As he matured and learned to master the subtleties of the abilities he’d been given he found himself assigned to ever more desperate tasks. The long war continued to grind on, often going against his people. Victories were few and far between and even then the cost in blood was often high. The losses, regrettable but necessary in the cruel calculus of war, nonetheless weighed heavily on soldier that Rowan had become, making him withdrawn and taciturn when not actively on duty.

The end, or perhaps one could say the beginning, began like every other call for help before. Undersea cyborgs from a hostile surfacer faction had begun to set up unusual equipment in a nearby undersea canyon that was, if the Atlanteans were to be believed, rending the fabric of time and space itself. Why they were doing so did not mattered. It was unlikely to be anything good and had to be stopped. Sadly, the site itself was well guarded when Rowan and his strike team arrived. As the fighting raged the tear grew larger and larger. In desperation, the Blue assumed his most powerful form and attacked the machines maintaining the portal directly. He succeeded, but as the tear collapsed inward a powerful vortex drew Rowan into it… and in moments he had vanished entirely.

Character Details

Back home Rowan was known for being taciturn and withdrawn. He still kind of is, not yet over the long strain of war and the shock of being suddenly ripped from his home and robbed of much of his memory. The confusion this breeds leads him to seeming more worn and tired than purposefully antisocial these days.


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