Portrayed by William Levy
Full Name
Aaron James Starr ||
Age 26
Height 6'1"
Build Muscular
Eyes Green
Hair Blond
Factions None
Occupation Pop Star/Superhero
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

Famous teen idol-turned famous singer/songwriter turned mutant superhero.


In the music world, Aaron is considered to have been a spoiled brat during his early teens, and a rather spoiled but extremely talented singer/songwriter in his twenties. While most people considered him incapable of an altruist act, his recent turn as Sundog has some people speculating that Aaron Starr may have finally woken up from his narcissitic dream.%r%rOr maybe he's just found a new way to get even more attention.


Aaron Starr was born into your typical fame-mongering family where the parents, failed actors themselves, tried to live vicariously though the life of their children. Out of all of his siblings (four total), Aaron was the one who made it. At ten, he was part of a kids-oriented live television show for a certain notable network, where his natural musical talents were observed and noted by some of the execs. He remained on the show until the age of fourteen, when he 'aged out' of the program's slot- but the company had plans for Aaron, and after a year of extensive coaching and training, he debuted in the boy band Beta Burn, where he quickly became the band's 'teen heartthrob' due to his good looks, his excellent dancing ability and his distinctive, clear voice.

The band lasted four years, which is about the standard shelf-life of pre-fabricated bands of this sort. Aaron was the only member of the band to continue his music career with a high profile, and after a strange transition period he was able to cast his more juvenile influences aside for a solid career as a solo performer. He continued to top the charts for several years, until one sold-out concert in the summer of 2013 saw the unwitting manifestation of his mutant powers- fortunately no injuries came from it, but the unexpected manifestation of the aura and the uncontrolled energy blasts destroyed a good part of the stage and equipment.

The public reaction resulting from this very public outing was the usual mix of support, criticism and anti-mutant sentiment and Aaron spent the next few months in seclusion and depression. Amanda Dyers, who had represented Aaron for many years, finally convinced him to make a public statement and to embrace his new status. At first, Aaron was hesitant to do so, fearing rejection, and while many of his fans did not return, he was heartened by the fact that there were also many who never left. Still, he was now a different man- his mutant powers caused him to convert Cosmic energy into the aura effect that now surrounded him permanently. For weeks he experimented with manipulating this aura and he came to realize that his powers had great potential- far more potential than special effects.

THen it dawned on him that superheroes were far more beloved and admired than mere pop stars. Always someone to make a decision on impulse alone, a brief discussion with his costume designer, a few days of brainstorming names, and Sundog was ready for public consumption!

Character Details

Flirtatious, extremely self-confident and often brash and impulsive, Aaron can be equal parts charmer, equal parts annoyance, it depends on the day of the week. He often acts as if the entire world is watching and is prone to favor spectacle over substance sometimes. This is not to say that he is not a good person- far from it, but his positive attributes are often hard to see beneath the slick public persona he has cultivated over the years.



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