Portrayed by Steven Cole
Full Name Roberto Renato da Costa
Age 22
Height 5'6"
Build Short and Muscular
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Factions X-Men (Red Team)
Occupation Entrepreneur
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

The successful young scion of Da Costa Industries, and de facto head of the company's operations in North America.


As Sunspot, Roberto puts in occasional appearances as a mid-tier X-man. He is well-liked there, but not a central player. In business, Roberto is seen as something of a prodigy, but he has managed to make a lot of enemies along the way, particularly among unscrupulous moguls with underworld connections.

Publicly Available Dossier
Name: Roberto Renato da Costa
Codename: Sunspot
Born: October 3, 1992 (age 22)
Abilities: Super strength, force blasts
Team Role: Corporate management
Nationality: Brazil/US dual citizenship
Likes: Soccer, sunshine, swearing in Portuguese
Dislikes: Secrecy, nights in, cold weather


Born the scion of Da Costa International, Latin America's preeminent industrial multinational, Roberto da Costa expected the hardest moment of his life to be choosing between a career in professional sports and one as the head of his father's corporation. Instead, as a teenager, he found himself fleeing Brazil, his girlfriend murdered by blackmailers and his own life upended by his newly manifested mutant abilities.

Roberto found a home at the Xavier Institute, as part of the cohort of students sometimes referred to as the "New Mutants." When he graduated, several parts of DCI that his father had held in trust for him transferred to his ownership. Still resentful of his father's unsavory business dealings, Roberto saw this as an opportunity to disentangle his family from them. He liquidated many longstanding investments before they matured, drawing the attention and ire of his father, who assumed Berto was hocking family assets to pursue a leisurely playboy lifestyle, and the same shady businessmen whose deals with his father he had just ended.

Reinvesting the resulting capital, however, allowed him to expand DCI's influence in North America, and despite his youth he is now recognized as the de facto head of the company's operations there. The demanding lifestyle of a jetsetting industrialist has certainly pulled Roberto away from his friends more than he might like, but he hopes to balance his obligations to the company with his loyalties to his friends — not to mention the ideals of his teenage years as a costumed hero.

Character Details

A puckish charmer with a fierce sense of loyalty, Roberto has been known to get his back up when he feels he is being condescended to.


X-Men: Red Team
cannonball Sam Guthrie: Best Friend
Sam and Roberto became fast friends during their time together at Xavier's. The Red Team was a tougher sell for Sam than the rest of the New Mutants, but Roberto can be pretty persuasive when he wants to.
medium.jpg Illyana Rasputina: Teammate
Although 'Berto was pretty scared of the demon queen when they met, today he has absolute trust and real affection for her. He'll have her back to the end, and he knows he can expect the same in return.
medium.jpg Amara Aquilla: Teammate
Amara, another New Mutant, gave Roberto the idea to form the Red Team as a corporate-sponsored, public face of the X-men.
medium.jpg Doug Ramsey: Teammate
Doug is another good friend from Roberto's student days, and a founding member of the Red Team.
Bobby%204%20Small.jpg Bobby Drake: Teammate
Bobby Drake, ice powers. Bobby da Costa, fire powers. Clearly they had to either be nemeses or a double act.
medium.jpg Audrey Wallace: Teammate
Roberto was sticking his neck out a little by recruiting Audrey, but she has given him good reason to take pride in that decision.
medium.jpg Mike Drakos: Teammate
Mike's talents have proven invaluable for both Red Team's missions and the acquisition of Roberto's Sweet Ride NĂºmero Um.
SimonHall1.jpg Simon Hall: Teammate
Roberto did his best to pull Simon out of his shell when they were classmates at Xavier's. In a way, recruiting him for the Red Team is a continuation of that.
newnancy4.jpg Nancy O'Neal: Friend
Nancy's frustration with the protectiveness of the Xavier Institute echoes with some of Roberto's own experiences as a student.
medium.jpg Kitty Pryde: Former Classmate
Kitty was the class overachiever, Roberto the class troublemaker. They got along better than you would expect, and diverging paths since graduation have done nothing to diminish their mutual respect.
Kurt%20and%20bamfs.jpg Kurt Wagner: Mentor
Kurt's positive attitude and steadfast refusal to hide himself from the world were important formative influences for Roberto.
medium.jpg Hank McCoy: Former Teacher
Hank hasn't taken to the concept of the Red Team as readily as most of the X-Men, but Roberto readily accepts the challenge of proving themselves to the scientist.
Cyke-7.jpg Scott Summers: Former Teacher
One can only imagine the friction between teen troublemaker Roberto and authoritarian teacher Scott. But in the years since, the man seems to have adjusted easily to treating 'Berto as a peer.
Cleoptatra1.jpg Ororo Munroe: Former Teacher
Storm's calm demeanor and gentle nature may be qualities Roberto can never hope to possess, but he admires them nonetheless.
MariaHillProfile.jpg Maria Hill: Verbal Chess Opponent
Negotiating an understanding with SHIELD was one of Roberto's first challenges on the road to establishing the Red Team's legitimacy. He quickly learned to respect Hill's no-bullshit attitude and hard practical thinking.
medium.jpg Jericho Trent: Instigator
Illyana's familiar always seems to be turning up with trouble on his heels. Roberto loves trouble.
reed.jpg Reed Richards: Typical Scientist
Like every other scientist Roberto has ever met, Reed has a tendency to drag superpowered individuals into parallel dimensions where they can be attacked by races of vicious bug people. Where these guys find time to cover up the existence of Bigfoot, he'll never guess.
nopic-m.png Emmanuel da Costa: Father
Emmanuel's high expectations for his son's success have morphed into a behind-the-scenes rivalry between their two fiefdoms within DCI.
nopic-f.png Nina da Costa: Mother
Roberto is deeply fond of his mother, and developed his taste for adventure accompanying Nina on her anthropological expeditions.

Character Gallery


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