Portrayed by TBA
Full Name Connor
Age 22
Height 6'2"
Build Tall and toned
Eyes Blue
Hair Black
Factions None
Occupation Superdrifter
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

For now, Superboy's virtually unknown, save for the few rumors of a young Superman in an odd, black and red outfit stopping the occasional gas station robbery or mugging all along the east coast.


Most people who've actually met Superboy don't even realize what he is, but those lucky few who've been in the right place at the right time and were saved by the young kryptonian clone know him to be a 'smart-mouthed, hot-tempered, and generally reclusive, but pretty good guy.'


For years, superheroes and meta-humans have been putting a stop to the plans and evil deeds of supervillains the world over. Many individuals who would normally break the law for their personal gain are too afraid to act upon their desires, and those who do are stopped before they can truly accomplish their goals. To combat this threa, the shadow organization NOWHERE devised a plan to nurture and train a secret army of meta-human teenagers to help stem the tide of superheroics putting their livelyhood at risk. In the process of creating this army, the scientists of NOWHERE devised a plan to clone one of the world's strongest superheroes and turn him into a weapon. After extensive research, and the expenditure of a staggering amount of research, the scientists were able to successfully create a kryptonian clone by combining Superman's DNA (obtained from a blood splatter) with that of an unnamed human donor. They named the clone Connor and gave him the handle Superboy after rapidly aging him to the phyiscal maturity of a twenty-one year old.

Connor's powers developed along an unanticipated path as he spent a year in training, occasionally running covert operations that were specifically designed to test his abilities without revealing his presence to the world. Many of the scientists were pleased with the results, but the head of the project considered Superboy a failure. The idea was to perfectly recreate a Superman clone, and in his eyes, Connor just didn't measure up so he ordered the termination of Superboy. Unfortunately, they miscalculated, and Connor managed to escape. Without much real world experience, he ended up drifting from city to city until he eventually made his way to New York…

Character Details

Perhaps it's in his DNA, or perhaps it's a form of rebellion against the group that had tried to kill him, but even the less than stellar upbringing couldn't entirely destroy Connor's ability to tell right from wrong. Sure, he's prone to mood swings and outbursts, but he's still determined to undo every nefarious plan NOWHERE had in store for him. In fact, when he's not ticked off, he's actually pretty easy going, if a little bit snarky.


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