Portrayed by Tom Welling
Full Name Kal-El
Age 31
Height 6'3"
Build Superhuman
Eyes Blue
Hair Black
Factions None
Occupation Journalist
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

Superman defends humankind against all manner of threats, while championing truth, justice, and the American way.


Superman is considered an American cultural icon. He and his family crest appear in comic books, television series, t- shirts, action figures, duvets, lunch boxes, shoes, coffee cups, and anything else you might think of. More than that, he is a celebrity, public figure, and superhero. He has come to represent the very best of what it means to be an American.


One evening, on the cusp of winter, a rocket thundered from the heavens and crashed down in a wheat field just outside the town of Smallville, Kansas. Martha and Jonathan Kent were a married couple for whom the prospect of children had become more and more remote, and it was their car that the spacecraft almost struck when it landed. When they found a clean, unharmed infant within the ship they feared just what events had brought him there. They took the infant and the damaged ship back to their farm, just as the worst blizzard in a century settled over the town.

Some months later, when the snows had cleared and the Kents had re-established communications with their neighbours, Jonathan and Martha revealed the baby to the world. Their claim was that Martha had been pregnant and that the boy had been born during the winter. The good-natured people of Smallville believed them, and from then on the boy – whom they named Clark after Martha’s maiden name.

As Clark grew, he slowly came to learn that he may not be the biological son of Jon and Martha Kent. He discovered strange powers, ranging from strength and speed far beyond a boy his age as well as the ability to weather the kind of harm that would kill most people without so much as a scratch. In time, his parents confessed just how they’d come to find him and that he might not be from Earth after all. After graduating from high school, Clark set off for a year to travel and learn just who he truly was.

Young Clark travelled the world, doing everything from working on fishing boats to writing articles on the war in the Sudan. All along he was plagued by a call, a call that eventually drove him into the frozen reaches of the Arctic. There he found a crystalline stronghold, an outpost created by alien technology, and within it he found the answers he sought.

He was Kal-El. His biological parents were Jor-El and Lara Lor-Van. His homeworld was Krypton and they had sent him to Earth to escape a great cataclysm that had destroyed it. The Fortress he found himself in was a contingency plan, a sort of museum grown from self-replicating crystalline technology that existed to instruct him on his heritage. In learning this, he also learned that his alien physiology granted him amazing powers under the radiation of Earth’s yellow sun.

Having seen the suffering on Earth and knowing that he could alleviate it with his powers, Clark set out to actively make a difference in the world. Moving to the bustling city of Metropolis, he found employment at the Daily Star under editor-in-chief George Taylor. Outside of working to uncover corruption as a journalist, Clark donned a shirt and cape bearing the crest of the House of El and actively fighting all those who would seek to profit off the pain of good people.

The media called him Superman.

Character Details

Superman is possessed of a strong sense of justice and a compassionate streak that runs ten miles deep. When he first began his career, he dedicated himself more to the righting of social wrongs and the breaking of the rich and influential people who took advantage of pain and suffering to get where they were. While he still has a strong desire to see justice and fairness prevail, he devotes himself more to helping anyone and everyone he can - from the kitten in the tree to the planet facing down an intergalactic alien conquest.


Image Name Relation Information
jimmyolsen.jpg Jimmy Olsen Friend Best Friend
loislane4.jpg Lois Lane Friend It's all making sense now.
Supergirl%201.png Supergirl Cousin Kara is his 'older' cousin, though she appears to be a teenager, while he is a fully grown man. It's a long story. But even though he does not know her as well as he would like, he loves her. She is family and she is perhaps the only one who can ever truly understand what he goes through. He arrived as an infant, so he never had to acclimatise. But he's trying to help and watch out for her.
WW2.jpg Wonder Woman Friend Wonder Woman, Diana Prince, Diana of Themyscira, Superman knows her by all three names. Whatever you call hrt, she is one of his best friends, a woman he is proud to know, and happy to work with, whenever occasion demands. They share a mutual respect and friendship for one another; nothing more.

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