Talia al'Ghul
Talia al'Ghul
Portrayed by Indira Varma
Full Name Talia al'Ghul
Age 34
Height 5'7"
Build Tall and athletic
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Factions Leviathan, League of Shadows
Occupation Businesswoman
Alignment Villain

Claim to Fame

Miranda Tate, CEO of Trutina Enterprises, is an internationally successful business woman.


As Miranda Tate, she is a wealthy and successful businesswoman. Though a recognized name, many might not know her face. In other circles, those who would know the name of the Demon would know that he had a daughter who follows in his footsteps.


As the daughter of R’as al’Ghul, Talia’s early years were spent traveling the world with her father. Her mother was killed by a rogue assassin when she was very young. The few memories she had of her mother were often overshadowed by her father in the background, but her death is quite clear. Talia was there when she was taken away, hidden in a closet. She did not see her mother’s death, but she heard the gunshot. She stayed there for hours, still hearing people in the house. Late at night, after she emerged, she found her father sitting on the couch. He had cleaned the blood and laid her mother on the table with a blanket over her to hide the gore. He had not searched for his daughter to ensure she was alright. Talia learned two of the most important lessons of her life that night. While her mother protected her, she was dead now. Her father showed her that surviving was up to her.

Things, strangely, continued much as they were. She and her father traveled, he trained her and expected her to excel and learn in the skills he thought most important for his children. Determined to make her father proud, she did all that was asked of her and more. She was smart and capable and proved more than up to the tasks set before her. Despite training Talia as if she were an heir, he made other plans and expected a man to take over his role. So it was that when she was growing into adulthood, but was still quite young, R’as took Bruce Wayne under his wing.

It was immediately apparent that Bruce was intelligent, cunning and driven. The perfect male protege for R’as. Helping to legitimize Bruce’s claim to take over the League of Shadows, he pushed Talia toward him in an attempt to seduce him and convince him to stay. Growing up solely under the influence of R’as, spending time with Bruce was something of a revelation for Talia. He seemed genuine and unwilling to play mind games. His purity of conviction and unshakeable morals pushed at Talia’s own understanding of her father and her place in the world. Either despite or knowing she was a pawn in her father’s game, she saw a future with Bruce. Whether he felt the same or not, the two became close before the ideological differences between him and her father came to a head and he left.

It was only later that she realized she was pregnant. She refused to reveal the father to R’as, despite his assumptions that it was Bruce. R'as insisted on raising the child.

Though she attempted to continue as she did before Bruce arrived in her life, Talia was changed. She continued to do her father’s will, but now something else slept inside her - defiance. The appearance Nyssa, of a sister she did not even know she had, only exacerbated that. They quickly bonded, but it soon became clear that Nyssa was truly an al’Ghul, for she had motives of her own. She attempted to use Talia as a weapon against R’as. The inner circle war was brutal and in the end Nyssa and R’as both ended up dead. Or as dead as anyone who knows of the Lazarus Pit could be. Talia came out alive, but completely changed. While she only relied on herself for most of her life, she now actively distrusted anyone offering trust or friendship. Even her memories of Bruce were suspect. Trust and love killed. She had proof of that.

Talia took up the mantel of her father amid the bloodshed. She had learned how to lead and what to do in his stead. Using his teachings she created Trutina Enterprises, which was merely a cover for Leviathan - what she envisioned the next phase of the League of Shadows to be.

Character Details


A woman of many faces, Talia is a guarded person who keeps her cards close to her chest. Though outwardly personable - as honey catches more flies than vinegar - very few people actually know her or are welcomed into her personal circle. Those who are know her to be calculating and determined.


Image Name Relation Notes
Tumblr_ltmp7tEIkr1qh9ho4.jpg Ra's al'Ghul Father Demon's Head
Jason%20Todd%201.png Jason Todd Associate Red Hood

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