Portrayed by Warren Christie
Full Name Unknown
Age Unknown
Height 6'2"
Build Lean, Athletic
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Factions N/A
Occupation Mercenary
Alignment Neutral/Villain

Claim to Fame

The Man of Ten Thousand Moves. Possessing photographic reflexes the amnesiac ex-SHIELD operative Taskmaster sells his services to the highest bidder as a mercenary, combat instructor and professional criminal.


Taskmaster is one of the most top paid assassins in the world. He is well regarded and renowned throughout the underworld "community" and crime syndicates across the globe. He is also the go to guy for training henchmen and even government service members. Generally his record is flawless but he has been known to dip on difficult missions. As a public face to the world at large he is relatively unknown and seen as just another wet works specialist or costume (depending on gear). To governments and law enforcement agencies he is regarded as a threat and flagged to be watched and or apprehended when he pops up on the radar. Heroes tend to see him as a nuisance to a threat - all of course dependent on their own "power level".


The man known as Taskmaster has reconstructed his own past life or at least the memories of what he believes to have been discovering his powers randomly while watching television as a child, then using these unique talents grew up to become an all-star athlete in school and even a championship quarterback and soon a bored criminal with low aspirations beyond his next big buck. All of this a lie.

The truth the man does not know is that he was once an Agent of SHIELD, a covert operative who worked for the international super spy organization for many years. Long enough for Agent Masters to become highly decorated and even establish a career, a life and a marriage to call his own. A life he would ultimately completely forget about.
Everything changed when he was assigned to lead a mission in the Bolivian Andes where the Nazi's had created a replica of Himmler's SS Grail Castle. It's here that ODESSA, the organization for former SS members began stockpiling clones of Hitler and experimenting with super human serums. Cornering Gorscht and suffering heavy losses against juiced up former Nazi soldiers Agent Masters had no choice but to take the experimental serum himself. This was the beginning of the end for the man known as Tony Masters unknown to him or his employers in SHIELD Masters would begin to lose hold of himself.

Soon after Agent Masters is assigned to go undercover with the highly trained Black Ops unit that had no affiliation SHIELD who also possessed little to no knowledge of them, which of course couldn't fly. This unit consisted of a very gifted ever changing roster of AD HOC soldiers known only as Team 7 under the leadership of a man named John Lynch. Passing himself off as a 'mutant' who was discharged from SHIELD he assimilated easily in to the team and played the role of mole well until his intel ceased and his memory loss became a concern so great that SHIELD tried to pull him. One thing lead to another and Anthony Masters stopped being the man he once was… for keeps. His wife forgotten, his career, his previous life, EVERYTHING had changed.

So ends the story of the SHIELD agent Anthony Masters and begins the criminal career of the Taskmaster, a name adopted while under his first job for the Org (a cover up organization meant solely for the purpose of monitoring Masters, ran by his wife Mercedes shortly after his separation from Team 7 and the confirmed loss of all memory). It was during this first operation in Central America retraining Mexican Special Forces to take over operations of drug cartels that the Taskmaster truly embraced what he had become by finding some morbid solidarity in the face of Saint Death; Santa Muertre, the Lady of Shadows.

Since his separation from self Taskmaster has undergone many jobs as a mercenary, criminal and even an assassin. He remains monitored by the Org who will at times give him missions meant to further SHIELD's own agenda, outside of that he works freely for many organizations such as AIM, Hydra, the Committee, the Maggia and the Triune to whoever else will pay him a sizeable paycheck. His standard motto is any job gets done as long as the pay matches his skills, need some doughy thugs turned in to mean lean bullet eating henchmen? Need an annoying too chipper neighbor put through a food processor? Need a better looking wealthier competitor beaten in to an ugly slab of meatloaf? Just call 1-800-GET-TASK.

Character Details

Taskmaster is at heart a crook, he cares about money and himself. He has very little qualms about killing people or watching them die but on many occasions he has saved people when it is convenient or he actually likes them. He's a tactical, insightful and intelligent man who has the ability to determine peoples weaknesses. He is also extremely confident, arrogant and likes to gloat at times referring to himself in third person and given to horrible bad guy dialogue.

Taskmaster is not at heart an evil being, but he isn't a good one either and his way of thinking keeps him on the negative side of the fence, when grouped up with others he can be pessimistic and obnoxious, his sense of humor is on the lines of cheesy and he has a habit of making up bad nicknames for others and also rambling off what moves he is using and where he picked them up, just another display of his many bragging habits. Oddly enough, at points in time mainly towards children and 'innocents' he has shown moments of rare kindness.

Despite his rather formidable combat skills he knows when to run and will not engage someone obviously far superior to himself. Which, is generally anyone with a size able amount of super powers.


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*'''Taskmaster Institute''' - 1-800-555-KILL
*'''Open 24 Hours''' - 1-800-GET-TASK

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