Portrayed by Liam Hemsworth
Full Name Garth
Age 24
Height 6'3"
Build Athletic
Eyes Violet
Hair Black
Factions Atlantis
Occupation High Councillor of Atlantis
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

Tempest is the former protege of Aquaman, a High Councillor of Atlantis, and of late, has become a well known sorcerer.


Tempest is known more for his associations than any personal deeds or efforts. He is not well known in the surface world.


Garth was born in Poseidonis, Atlantis to Queen Berra, who had been exiled from Shayeris by a group of radicals. The very same radicals who killed her husband, King Thar. But before Thar died, he was able to trap Slizzath in an otherdimensional prison. The circumstances around this trap meant that his offspring, in this case, Garth, would have the potential for phenomenal power. It was feared by Shayerisian and Atlantean alike that Garth would one day free Slizzath, for the rituals required to gain his power might free the beast.

In the eyes of his people, Garth was doubly cursed. For he was not only the son of Thar, but also born with violet eyes, the Idyllist Mark of Power. And so he was ordered to be banished in the hopes that the sea would reclaim him.

The Atlanteans did not see violet eyes as a Mark of Power, but instead, a sign of genetic inferiority. Queen Berra's son was left without a home, unable to return to Shayeris, and banished from Atlantis. Thus he was left to die.

But he did not die. He was saved from this cruel fate by the venerable sorcerer, Atlan. He would be raised in isolation, with Atlan his only source of sentient contact. He was taught language, mathematics, reason, science, the arts, everything he would need. He could not have hoped for a better teacher.

It left its scars on him, both physical and emotional. For at time, he had an intense fear of fish in great numbers. But he got over it. He would meet Aquaman, becoming his protege. Together, they formed a solid partnership, fighting evil, and saving the world. Aquaman became like a second father to him. Through this association, he became a High Councillor of Atlantis.

But as he matured, he found that he was no longer a sidekick. Instead, he had become a hero in his own right. He chose a new name for himself, Tempest, discarding the name Aqualad and his childhood in one fell swoop. He would struggle and he would triumph. Life is never easy. But in the end, he travelled far beyond the bounds of Atlantis and the seas to become Tempest.

Character Details

As a youth, Garth had his personal demons. He had a fear of fish. He was insecure. He lacked confidence. But that was then, and this is now. The lad is gone, long since replaced by the man that is Tempest. But at his core, he is still the same person. He does not seek combat. He would prefer to resolve disputes peacefully. But though he aspires to be a pacifist, he understands that force is sometimes required. He is empathic, listening to those around him. He tries to include them, to give them a feeling of value. He is a deep thinker who likes to tackle an issue from all sides, coming up with the best possible solution. Sometimes he can be known to brood, but he sees it more as self-reflection. Since he went solo, he has gradually gained confidence, until he has become the hero he is today. He is loyal to his friends, and is very much a 'spirit of the law' rather than 'letter of the law' type. He does what's right, and believes that the law should twist and bend itself until it lines up. He has been called the conscience of his friends, often serving as the voice of reason. He is honest, unpretentious, humble even. But above all, he is a good person. He is at his core, a kind, generous, and decent being.


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