The Cavalry
Portrayed by Ming-Na Wen
Full Name Agent Melinda May
Age 50 (Redacted)
Height 5'4"
Build Athletic
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Factions S.H.I.E.L.D.
Occupation Field Ops Specialist
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

The Agent S.H.I.E.L.D. calls when they have no other options left.


To the public, May does not exist. Within S.H.I.E.L.D., May ranks right up there with Romanoff on the list of agents you never, ever want to make angry.


Most of May's background is unknown, having been erased from public knowledge after she joined SHIELD. What is known is that she is one of the longest-lived active field agents out there, with more successful missions under her belt than almost every agent out there short of the much younger agents Romanov and Barton. One noteworthy mission in Bahrain earned her the codename 'The Cavalry' — a moniker she actually detests — because she went against orders to single-handedly rescue a team of SHIELD agents. No one other than May knows what really happened during that rescue, but it was after Bahrain that her previous spark of humor seemed to disappear. She even left active field duty for a while, choosing to take an administrative position within SHIELD.

When May was tapped to join a special task force, she made it seem like she was accepting the assignment reluctantly, initially agreeing only to pilot their transport jet known as 'the Bus'. Honestly, though, the desk job would have eventually driven her off the deep end. She is simply not built to pilot a desk. Thus, she is unofficially back on S.H.I.E.L.D.'s active roster, available to pilot an aircraft or help with a difficult extraction mission. If the request is phrased politely.

Character Details

Melinda May comes across as dour, perpetually the serious and humorless SHIELD agent. People rarely get to experience her quick and acerbic wit, as she's not one to chitchat idly. She was originally known for being a prankster underneath her stern and serious demeanor, but after a particularly unpleasant mission she seemed to lose or at least suppress that underlying hint of a light-hearted nature. Most junior agents only know her as The Cavalry, the scarily efficient agent that does her job extremely well. Just don't get in her way.


Image Name Relation Notes
Coulson1.jpg Agent Phil Coulson Coworker The agent's agent. Partners for several years back in the day. No one in SHIELD that I trust more.
406px-blackwidow2.jpg Agent Natasha Romanoff Coworker Spy and assassin. Refreshingly no nonsense. One of a very few that I would possibly consider trusting beyond the missions.
Hawkeye.jpg Agent Clint Barton Coworker Wetwork specialist. Talks way too much and is like a four year old at a birthday party, but can be trusted to have my back during missions. Prefers a bow over firearms. I can respect that choice.
MariaHillProfile.jpg Deputy Director Maria Hill Boss Fury's second in command. Serious case of stick up *** but not afraid to snark back at Romanoff.
600full-ellen-page.jpg Evelyn Wolstenholm Potential Coworker Synthetic human. Still on the fence about whether Evelyn is truly sentient or just a really really good imitation of it. Withholding opinions pending further observation.
paulmanning1.jpg NYPD Officer Paul Manning Acquaintance NYPD cop, which means he's seen more than some Afghanistan-stationed soldiers. Slow to offer trust, which I can respect, but it means I won't offer trust back freely.
Small%20Trent%202.jpg Former Staff Sergeant Jericho Trent Acquaintance Former Army, ex-guinea pig. Wears circuits like tattoos that give him unusual abilities. His loyalties are still very much in question, but at least he can follow orders in a crisis. Not yet sure of his trustworthiness.

Character Gallery

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AAA Strike Team
February 09 2015: Three people with A in their names ask Melinda May to come knock over a snake hole.
(log: 20150209-aaa-strike-team | tags: arsenal aspect lunair outsiders the_cavalry | posted: 10 Feb 2015 10:37)

Dragged into the Fight
February 08 2015: Misfit, Dragnet and May interrupt a Joker heist in Gotham
(log: 20150208-dragged-into-the-fight | tags: dragnet joker misfit the_cavalry | posted: 17 Feb 2015 09:10)

Malicious Intent
February 07 2015: Jericho rifles for info in a HYDRA connected facility. May and Misfit arrive for separate reasons.
(log: 20150207-malicious-intent | tags: aspect misfit the_cavalry | posted: 16 Feb 2015 20:19)

Metropolis Disruption, part 2
February 06, 2015: Some very important people in Metropolis have just died. (Violence, language)
(log: 20150206-metropolis-disruption-pt2 | tags: domino metropolis taskmaster the_cavalry the_society zola | posted: 06 Feb 2015 21:53)

Live Steel
February 02 2015: Batigrl, Melinda May, Zatanna and The Fox meet in Chinatown
(log: 20150203-live-steel | tags: batgirl fox the_cavalry zatanna | posted: 04 Feb 2015 10:30)

The Paradox Lesson
February 02 2015:** Fenris intends to teach Kate how to keep her mind. He ends up grabbing Melinda May as well, sort of by accident.
(log: 20150202-the-paradox-lesson | tags: fenris hawkeye_ii the_cavalry | posted: 16 Feb 2015 22:09)

May Leaves Gotham
2 February, 2015: Reinstated with SHIELD, May contacts Oracle to take her leave.
(log: 20150202-mayleavesgotham | tags: aspect gotham oracle the_cavalry | posted: 04 Feb 2015 04:04)

Information Warfare
February 01 2015: Fury makes his decision about Melinda May
(log: 20150201-information-warfare | tags: aspect nick_fury shield the_cavalry | posted: 02 Feb 2015 02:34)

Translating Kendrin
January 28, 2015: Fenris senses a disturbance in the force in Gotham and investigates
(log: 20150128-translatingkendrin | tags: fenris gotham kendrin oracle the_cavalry | posted: 29 Jan 2015 08:19)

Travelling Kendrin
January 26, 2015: Kendrin arrives in Gotham to a very interesting welcome wagon
(log: 20150126-travellingkendrin | tags: fox gotham kendrin misfit oracle the_cavalry | posted: 27 Jan 2015 10:25)

Off the Reservation
January 26, 2015: May is more than angry enough to want to distance herself from all things SHIELD. Where is an ideal place to do that? Gotham. It helps that she already has a contact here by the name of Oracle. SHIELD — or one of May's fellow agents — tries to follow.
(log: 20150126-off-the-reservation | tags: black_widow oracle shield the_cavalry | posted: 27 Jan 2015 05:32)

Security Breach: Step Into My Office
January 25th, 2015: Fury returns from Peurto Rico just in time to clean house, Melinda May, Steve Rogers, Bobbi Morse, Lance Hunter and Leopold Fitz all enjoy the man's sunny mood.
(log: 20150125-security-breach:step-into-my-office | tags: captain_america fitz hunter mockingbird nick_fury nyc shield the_cavalry | posted: 25 Jan 2015 22:01)

Security Breach: Outside Consultation
January 25 2015 Jericho arranges a meet for May, Sara and Hellboy. Chinese Hell-Kings optional
(log: 20150125-security-breach:outside-consultation | tags: aspect fitz hellboy shield the_cavalry witchblade | posted: 27 Jan 2015 04:56)

Security Breach: Upper Levels
January 24 2015: HYDRA targets the primary headquarters and research facility of SHIELD in a daring cross dimensional raid.
(log: 20150124-security-breach:upper-levels | tags: aspect hawkeye_ii magik partisan shield the_cavalry | posted: 25 Jan 2015 12:28)

Security Breach: Aftermath
January 24 2015: Some things have to be discussed in the aftermath of the attack on the Triskelion
(log: 20150124-security-breach:aftermath | tags: aspect lunair magik partisan shield the_cavalry zatanna | posted: 25 Jan 2015 12:45)

Thor Thubject (Blame Darcy)
January 19, 2015: After May finds out that Darcy has spoken with the alien known as Thor, she has the fledgling agent 'bring him in' to the Triskelion for questioning. It doesn't quite go as expected.
(log: 20150119-thor-thubject | tags: darce shield the_cavalry thor | posted: 27 Jan 2015 05:48)

Don't Mess With Our Children!
January 19, 2015: A group of mercenaries have taking advantage of the recent chaos to kidnapped some super power children to sell as sex slaves and child soldiers. They expected for some heroes to show up and crash the auction.
(log: 20150119-don-t-mess-with-our-children | tags: green_arrow lunair miss-america nyc ozymandias the_cavalry | posted: 24 Jan 2015 03:25)

Of Ninjas and Foxes
January 14, 2015: Oracles tower is assaulted…. by Ninjas.
(log: 20150114-ofninjasandfoxs | tags: fox gotham misfit oracle the_cavalry | posted: 16 Jan 2015 07:11)

Lights Out in Metro
January 14 2015: Jericho runs into Lux and May by pure chance. No really.
(log: 20150114-lights-out-in-metro | tags: aspect lux the_cavalry | posted: 20 Jan 2015 10:55)

Hauntings with a chance of Rain
January 13 2015: The Fox goes hunting for hauntings and finds… Dragnet, SHIELDies, Rain and… clones?
(log: 20150113-hauntings-with-a-chance-of-rain | tags: antoine_triplett dragnet fox rain shield the_cavalry tripplet | posted: 15 Jan 2015 11:46)

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