The Darkness
Portrayed by Pending
Full Name Giacomo 'Jackie' Estacado
Age 26
Height 6'2"
Build Tall, muscular
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Factions None
Occupation Crimeboss/Vigilante
Alignment Anti-Villain

Claim to Fame

The enigmatic, questionably benevolent Don of the Franchetti Crime Family and host to a primeval evil.


Known in law enforcement and many underworld circles for his time as the Franchetti Family's premiere hitman, about five years ago they turned on Jackie. The resultant civil war left Estacado atop the heap, the Boss of a NYC crime family with roots in the Old World. It's said he's been killed more than once but it doesn't stick, that he's not even human, and that ravenous beasts protect him while he sleeps; among all sorts of other crazy, crazy shit.


Character Details

Jackie is a man who had nothing, was given everything, and found out the honor and loyalty in that privileged world was another cruel lie. He's a man who's seen everything he loved destroyed or revealed as a lie. It would be a stretch to say Jackie is haunted by the bad things he's done, but he's haunted by the things he's lost, and the mistakes he's made; the wrong turns, and the times he's been used or deceived. He's an anachronism of the old world for his sense of honor among thieves, his hatred of less discerning criminals and killers, and his old school adherence to honor and loyalty even where it gets him in (more) trouble.

Never a man who's afraid to row upstream if it gets him where he feels he needs to go, Jackie is headstrong, driven, unrelenting, and also prone to the bouts of self-doubt and crises of faith that such an intense momentum can provide in retrospect. He's lost everything that mattered to him, blames himself for it, and is possessed by an ancient evil that is only marginally under his own control: yet still Estacado refuses to give up, only redoubling his efforts and his insistence on forging his own path as 'destiny' seeks to force his hand this way and that. Willful, cagey, and deadly, those who've sought to exploit or control Jackie have found him nearly as liable to burn their hands as the entity within him.


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Character Gallery


The Smooth: Alliance
September 28, 2014: A leader of the Odessa Mob has made for Alliance, Ohio, in an effort to evacuate the people responsible for creating the smooth. They've been tracked.
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The Smooth: Thug Hunting
September 10, 2014: Dackleman's goons seem to be one step ahead of Shift and Jackie. A different hunting method is clearly required. (vulgarity, graphic violence)
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Smoothing Things Over
September 2 2014: Kwabena returns to M-Town, determined to do something about the Smooth.
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The Smooth: Addicted
August 22, 2014: Catwoman comes to Rant's rescue, but not before Dackleman's thugs deliver a crippling blow in their efforts to extort her talents.
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The Smooth: Inferno
August 16, 2014: Richard Dackleman runs the majority of his trafficking operation out of the Bronx. Shift and Estacado intend to burn it to the ground, but some troublesome cops interject. (Vulgarity, gore)
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The Smooth: Perfect Gentlemen
August 10, 2014: Kwabena's ongoing quest into a new street drug, 'The Smooth', has him taking care of a mutant who's become severely addicted to the stuff. Neither of them expect to encounter one of the region's most notorious hitmen. (Vulgarity and drug references)
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