The Fox
The Fox
Portrayed by Tyler Hoechilin
Full Name Kane Reynard
Age 26
Height 5'11"
Build Slender
Eyes Green
Hair Black
Factions None
Occupation Blacksmith, Shopowner
Alignment Hero/Anti-Hero

Claim to Fame

Kane is a craftsman of some repute in certain circles,


The Fox is known to paranormal types as one of those crazy Gotham vigilantes with a penchant for going after supernaturals and the knowledge to pull it off. Those with a bit more background may know him as the last surviving member of Gotham's own druid circle. Outside the night, Kane is known to some as a craftsman of great skill with a high standard for quality.


This is not a happy story.

Once upon a time, in the dark and dangerous land called Gotham, there was an unusual lad called Kane. Kane was different. He heard things, felt things, and saw things that others did not. Were his circumstances different perhaps he might have been identified at an early age as a budding psychic and given special training. As it was he made his way through his early years in poverty stricken Gotham learning to hide the voices and visions and doing his best to hide from them. Sadly, this was no childhood fancy and the sensations and voices about him remained as his untapped psychic potential roiled and stirred within him. Home life was tense, money was tight, the streets were dangerous and early on the child learned to keep to himself.

This did not make him popular in his teenage years, not that this was particularly likely to happen to begin with. It was during high school, always a tumultuous time for young ones, that Kane first discovered his affinity for working with his hands. Unfinished materials seemed to just flow better into finished product and growing things (metaphorically) leapt to his touch. As he finished, his teaches encouraged him as best they could to find a job in the trades, something that matched his obvious talents for working with his hands. It was a bit odd in an age of encouraging kids to shoot for the moon, go get a doctorate and so on to be telling young Kane to go to a vocational school, become a carpenter or what have you but, well, what else was one to do with the reserved (borderline troubled) young man?

Kane heeded their advice. His family wasn't rich (about the furthest thing from it) and even trade schools were beyond their means. For once the system did young Kane a favor and he managed to get into a vocational school with a bit of financial aid. When he was placed for apprenticeship he wound up at the shop of one Abel Kraye. Kraye was an oldschool craftsman. Master carpenter, blacksmith and tanner and he was delighted at young Kane's natural ability to work natural materials. More than this, Kraye was a druid. Most practitioners of magic aren't flashy powerhouses like Doctor Strange or Zatanna Zatara. There's a lot of supernatural weirdness and wonder that's pretty low powered by metahuman standards and still way beyond the experience of your average joe. Guessing that Kane had potential to be not only a craftsman but an asset to his Circle as well, Abel took the young man under his wing, teaching him everything he knew. When the young man finally opened up to him and admitted to his odd feelings and visions, Abel brought him before the Circle of the Iron Oak - a druidic organization dedicated to the preservation and improvement of Gotham - to have him inducted.

Over the next several years Kane flourished into a thoughtful, fit (if still reserved) young man who was also the Fist of his Circle. Though not as strong as some, nor as deeply attuned to the mysteries of the earth as others, Kane excelled them all in cunning and took on the totem of the Fox as his own when conducting Circle business. Of which there was a lot. The Circle's mission to protect and improve the condition of Gotham regularly brought them into conflict with those who preferred the status quo or wanted things to be even worse. Some of these adversaries could be worked with or around but when they could not it fell to Kane to make them see things their way or protect other members of the Circle when their enemies became more… proactive, as happened from time to time. Still it wasn't all back alley druid business. He opened his own shop specializing in high quality handicrafts and for a time all seemed well.

But this is Gotham. Such was not to last. Shortly after his twenty fourth Birthday the Circle came into conflict someone. To this day Kane doesn't know who, but as he was arriving at the New Moon meeting (a bit late) he suddenly sensed a powerful and hostile presence. And then the screams started. In the time it took him to get from the sidewalk to the door he'd felt eight of his friends die, their dying moments vividly captured by the unknowing psychic's mind. He threw the door open to see a Lord of the Feast: An ancient evil from a time long past massacre two more of his friends. The weight of so much death in such quick succession hit him like a sledgehammer. He drew a blade and moved to intervene. The demon paused long enough to disarm him and hurl him against a wall. Before he blacked out, he felt the death screams of the last two members of his Circle, including his mentor Abel Kraye.

When Kane awoke the demon was gone. Apparently it hadn't considered him worth killing, or hadn't had the time to do so. Pursuing vengeance against the demon itself was futile. Even were he able to summon up and defeat it, the Lord of the Feast was only a tool for someone who decided his friends were so inconvenient that the only solution was to have them all killed. That was whom he owed a debt of blood and pain. The trouble was, he had no idea who it might be. He knew where to start though. Night after night he took to the streets, seeking out members of Gotham's magical underworld and er… interrogating them. In the course of this he discovered that much as the world of magic is full of small wonders it is also full of small atrocities: Little tragedies happening to people in the dark of night. With his Circle gone what little protection had been afforded the city was likewise gone. Or so it seemed.

That would not stand with Kane. Adopting his totem as a code name and symbol, the Fox began to bump back against that which went bump in the night. Let the high Magi and Demigods deal with the world ending threats (though every once in a while…) Kane focused on small monsters doing small evils to those incapable of defending themselves as a tribute to his fallen friends. He would not let everything they stood for be consumed by the night. He still hasn't found his friends' murderer and still seeks it, but that doesn't prevent the Fox from going after troublemakers in the more magically active areas of the city. If it's strange and it's causing a problem, sooner or later the Fox will be on it.

Character Details

Kane is dark, brooding and a bit taciturn. One might almost think that having twelve of his closest friends murdered in front of him didn't do wonders for his personality. On the job he's generally all business. Off duty he prefers to be left alone. He doesn't bite and snarl, but sarcasm and mockery are not out of the question. Approach him in the right way though and he's pleasant enough, if still fairly quiet.


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Knowing Kraye, Knowing Kane
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Three Vigilantes on a Rooftop
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Roof Top Dinner
March 5, 2015: Zee buys dinner for The Fox and shares it on a roof top
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A Werewolf in Central Park
March 03 2015: The Fox and Zee meet a Syndicate enforcer in Central Park. It goes poorly
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Changing Cohn
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February 12, 2015: Connor Hawke finds out about the supernatural side of gotham
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