The Joker
Portrayed by Heath Ledger
Full Name Joseph Kerr
Age 32
Height 6'0"
Build Tall and Lean
Eyes Green
Hair Green
Factions None
Occupation Murderer and Terrorist
Alignment Villain

Claim to Fame

The Joker is known in psychological circles as a dangerous untreatable case obsessed with the Batman and to a lesser extent, other heroic individuals.


The Joker is, well, the Joker. The Clown Prince of Crime has quite the name in the underworld community as both an anarchist menace who wrecks organizations seemingly for fun… and, more quietly, as the man to go to if you need someone to disappear and can stomach the risk of talking to him. At large, the Joker has a small but growing reputation as a troublemaker with a taste for blood. It won't be long before the world finds out just how much of an understatement that is.


The Joker is a legend, a myth, a boogieman story made horrifyingly real. His life before becoming a murderous clown is something of a mystery. When he deigns to answer questions about it, the story changes with each telling. He was an abused child. He was a two bit thief. He was an engineer at a chemical plant who had a horrible accident. It’s possible that he no longer remembers himself who he was before life became all smiles and blood.

It’s impossible to say if it was before or after whatever event caused this man to take up his current criminal career that he acquired his obsession with superheroes in general and Batman in particular. He has something of a love/hate relationship with the Dark Knight. On the one hand, he believes –no knows- that everything he stands for is a sham and a lie. The very notion of an incorruptible hero eats like a canker at what’s left of the Joker’s psyche. On the other hand, the Clown Prince would be very much lost without his nemesis – a shadow without a light.

Since becoming the Joker, the psychotic clown has embarked on a spree of mayhem targeting both legitimate and illegitimate concerns that has ultimately landed him in Arkham Asylum no less than 250 times (curiously, he’s listed as having escaped 251 times). It was during one of these stays that he met Harleen Quinzel. She had come to interview and study him. He made quite a first impression, first appearing to flirt with her and then trying to strangle her. Her reaction intrigued him and he decided against killing her. Over the next few years he slowly dragged Harleen into his world. She helped him orchestrate several of his escapes from Arkham until on the final one remaking herself into Harley Quinn and joining him on his criminal escapades.

One of these ended badly a few years later with the Joker nearly beaten to death by Batman. Harley’s subsequent attempt to gain revenge on the Joker’s behalf tripped a particularly vicious psychotic episode in which the Joker attacked both Harley (pushing her figuratively and literally out of his life) and then the Batman.

Both survived, however, and the Joker went on to commit several crime sprees more or less solo. Sometimes Harley would join him, but more often she was with the ‘Gotham City Sirens’. Occasionally she even worked to thwart him. The situation gnawed at him though he couldn’t quite say why. When at last he could take it no longer he confronted her in a dingy junkyard on the outskirts of the city. The next several hours were quite violent. By the end of it though the two had come to an understanding. One might almost come to the conclusion that she had earned some respect from him. One might be sent to have one’s head checked though, if that were ever voiced aloud.

The Joker and the Harlequin are back to keeping Gotham in –ahem- stitches, but their association is somewhat looser than before, as the latter still associates with the Sirens on occasion. The Clown Prince, though, is as he ever is. The world is a joke, and he is the punchline. All of his routines end with a bang.

Character Details

The Joker is not as stable an entity as he is popularly made out to be. That’s actually a quite common feature of madness and even madness incarnate is not immune to it. He seems to have three general phases. During his aloof phase he is cold, distant and calculating. It’s during these times he’s most likely to plan out carefully organized and orchestrated capers. During his manic phase he is wild, violent and most apt to make horrible bloody jokes. There is a place between these two extremes that he inhabits a rather surprising amount of the time. During these times he’s nearly normal if a bit philosophical, though he still has a predilection carnage and mayhem.


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Character Gallery


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