The Mist
Portrayed by Kristen Stewart
Full Name Nash
Age 27
Height 5'7"
Build Lean
Eyes Green
Hair Black
Factions Solo
Occupation Hero Killer
Alignment Villain

Claim to Fame

Not a bit of it. Yet.


Experienced villains might recognize her as the daughter of that old-time villain, the Mist. The mousey one with the stutter, who could never look you in the eyes. But, then, they might not recognize her now. And, while no name has been attached, a series of serial murders across Europe, small time superheroes mostly, has started to make headlines. But not many have made the connection.


Nash was born into supervillainy, raised in a life of crime. Her father, the Mist, was already old when she was born - she never met her mother and Kyle, her brother, could barely remember her, being only a couple of years older. They never even learned their last names. Father said it was better not to know them, to keep secrets safe if one of them got caught, to only go by aliases, each of them only getting their first names. They never even knew their father as anything other than Father. He, predictably, was abusive and, being a sexist old bastard, levelled much of his disdain and bile towards his daughter. Kyle was being groomed to take his place, while Nash was to be Kyle's helper. Not even a sidekick, just a getaway car and someone to get supplies. Kyle, however, became quite close to his sister, the two usually left behind when their Father went out on jobs or, as became increasingly common as Father got older, while Father was locked up. Kyle tried to shield Nash from as much of the abuse as he could and assured her she'd have a chance to be more than just his gofer. In fact, Nash became an essential part of the group, somewhat behind Mist's back. She became the chief tactician and planner for heists, the one who scouted locations and checked details, looking for flaws. She could still barely meet Father's eye (or anyone but Kyle's), nervous and stuttering even as a young woman, almost frail.

Finally a few years ago, Father brought them out into the field with them. Kyle underwent the transformation through the Mist machine, gaining the same powers as their father, and they went after the old man's long time nemesis. The nemesis, however, had a son of his own and he tracked down the Mist's lair. Having expected to find it empty, Nash managed to take him from behind, hitting him with a crowbar and holding a gun on him. When she looked down the barrel at the young man, though, she couldn't find it in herself to pull the trigger. She told the hero of her father's plans, which had become increasingly mad, and asked the young hero to help her and her brother finally be rid of his foul influence. The hero agreed and Nash let him go. Three hours later, that same young hero, for reasons he surely felt were justified, not only captured Nash's father, but killed her brother, leaving nothing but ash, not even a body to bury. By the time he returned to the lair, Nash was gone. She knew it wasn't only the young hero (although she truly does hate him), but superheroism in general that was to blame. Sanctimonious, lawless, masked freaks. She used the machine one more time, granting herself the powers of her family legacy and Nash became The Mist.

Nash went to Europe, using her father's old contacts to get training, weapons and time to plan. And she began to kill, at first only helpers as she once had been, and then heroes themselves. Small-timers to be sure, but, then, they were only practice, auditions for her big return. The stuttering, nervous girl that had once spared a life was no more. Nash was coming back and this time, she would have no mercy at all.

Character Details

Where once Nash was a timid, shy young woman, the murder of her brother has transformed her into very much the opposite. Cruel, calculating and vicious, she savors violence, having giving herself over entirely to villainy. She plays coy sometimes, teasing, the cat playing with the mouse and just as willing to tear it apart with her teeth if it tries to run. She might have some redeeming qualities, deep down, some spark of innocence, but she'd snuff it out if she found it. She doesn't want her soul saved, she wants to watch the world burn. Preferably, she'd start the fire with a pile of capes. She is truly obsessed with her hatred of superheroes and costumed vigilantes and has made it her life's mission to kill as many of them as she can - although she might just torture some of them for a long time first. There's satisfaction in that, too.


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December 27th, 2014: Drugged-up villains run wild in the Greenwich art scene, amidst a rising tide of flames. Flash and Audrey come to the rescue. Nash, having sown this havoc, gathers the fruit in the end.
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December 7, 2014: The Mist and Fracture are surrounded during a mixer. United by hate.. they rise.
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