"The Punisher"
Portrayed by Steven Seagal
Full Name Frank Castle
Age 54
Height 6'1"
Build Tall, Bulky, Muscular
Eyes Blue
Hair Black
Factions None
Occupation Vigilante
Alignment Anti-Hero

Claim to Fame



Cold, ruthless ex-Marine Captain who went on a bloody crusade against crime after his family was murdered by mobsters during a picnic Central Park. Notorious to show no mercy to criminals he encounters, with exception of snitches and gun runners, who are dispatched right after they stop being useful. With thirty years of anti-crime warfare and rumored to have carried out over few hundreds of hits with varied body count, he's feared by crooks and innocent alike despite his code of only taking down those who deserve it being common knowledge.


Frank Castle, A.K.A The Punisher, began his life as Francis Castiglione. Born in Queens, New York, he had an unremarkable childhood and after graduating from school, he got married to a woman named Maria, signing up into U.S. Marine Corps afterwards. There, he went on to train in United States Marine Corps School of Infantry, where he acquired basics of his notorious skill set. By the end of his initial training, he was assigned to special operations unit in Vietnam and went on to survive numerous engagements with Viet Cong and NVA, including the Valley Forge Firebase assault in 1971. Highly decorated and reaching the end of his second tour, Francis realized that he acquired affinity for combat and legally changed his name to Frank Castle in order to cheat the system and return to the battlefield, spending two more years in Vietnam and other locations, further honing his skills through numerous US Military schools and training exercises including cross training with Australian SAS.

His military career, just like the rest of his life, ended on a sunny day of 1976, when Frank took his wife and his two children to Central Park of New York. By coincidence, Castle family stumbled upon a gang shoot out. Fearing witnesses, mobsters turned their weapons on the family, murdering everyone but the father, who was left in injured and traumatized. Due to corruption in NYPD, Frank was denied his testimony, which resulted in the killers of his family avoiding punishment. Driven by anger, He decided not to return to Marine Corps and, considering himself dead alongside his family, took up a codename "Punisher", beginning a one-man anti-crime war on the streets of New York in attempt to avenge his family's death as well as to punish those who managed to evade justice. In the next 30 years, Frank turned New York City, surrounding areas and numerous other locations into war zones, deploying military tactics against street criminals, organized crime and mercenaries, resulting in over two hundred operations, ran by people from "the hood" to ex-military backgrounds, crippled or completely decimated. Financing his efforts by looting equipment and money of his kills, he managed to establish a massive network of hideouts and bunkers across New York and the rest of United States, filled with countless weapons, ordnance, explosives and vehicles to ensure that no matter what happened, he always had a place to retreat, rearm and return straight to the frontlines of his bloody war. Although officially he was branded a genocidal maniac and became wanted by virtually every armed agency in United States, a peculiar situation arose when higher ups wanted him gone, while the brass they commanded appreciated Frank's efforts to bring punishment to those who were otherwise untouchable or fitted the niche of being too dangerous for Police and unnoticeable to the "super" vigilantes, resulting in Punisher's campaign going mostly unobstructed by law enforcement, sans a number of incidents.

A few years ago, following his operation against Exchange and break-out of his accompliance Rachel Cole-Alvis from prison, he vanished from the public sight only to resurface later in Los Angeles, California. There, he resumed his mission, bringing down Dos Soles cartel and dismantling their plot to take over the city. After wrapping up his business on the west coast, the Punisher traveled back to his original hunting grounds of New York and set out to clean up the trash that accumulated during his absence.

Character Details

Due to trauma and loss of loved ones, Frank hates all criminals with a passion, feeling zero remorse for his kills and often displaying satisfaction of managing to take out larger amounts of targets in one go. He always make sure to leave no survivors and often dispatches those who assist him(as long as they're guilty in his eyes). He also doesn't believe in rehabilitation, claiming that his victims made the choice to break the law and a stay in the "hotel with free food" won't change them.

Frank considers other vigilantes to be naive or unprofessional, as many choose to subdue criminals and deliver them to law enforcement instead of finishing them once and for all. His allies and partners often get a cold shoulder, as Frank knows that, due to the nature of his mission, they could die at any time and attachment to them could end in disaster. Despite that, he has a soft spot for children, women and dogs, going out of his way to assist them, even when it could sabotage his efforts.

Frank has a dark, sarcastic sense of humor, though he rarely laughs or smiles due to necessity of keeping the appearance of emotionless angel of death in order to continue to instill fear in his targets.

When working, Frank displays great amount of patience as he plans out next hit, working hard to ensure that he'll deal the most damage without putting himself in too much harm. Despite that, in the field he often finds himself in situations where he's outnumbered and at a disadvantage due to rash actions following unplanned events.

He's also a very sadistic individual, going out of his way to take out targets with unconventional methods such as throwing them off heights, using improvised weapons, environments and putting his own hands on his victims as he sometimes feels that a certain scum doesn't deserve a bullet.


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