The Sub-Mariner
Portrayed by Rodrigo Santoro
Full Name Namor McKenzie
Age 91
Height 6'2"
Build Lean and Muscular
Eyes Hazel
Hair Dark
Factions Atlantis
Occupation Environmentalist, Champion, Prince, Warrior, Terrorist
Alignment Villain

Claim to Fame

Once an Atlantean Warlord who fought alongside the Allies during WWII as an Invader and member of the All-Star Squadron only to later become a Pirate and Terrorist.


Upon the surface Namor's reputation post-Second World War is minimal. His strikes against the surface were obscured to keep a defeated people hidden and out of necessity alone. It is only recently that they have taken a bend towards vengeful but recent enough to earn the Sub-Mariner scorn and warrants from several nations around the globe.

Beneath the ocean waves Prince Namor of Kamuu and New Atlantis has declared his people apart from the rest of Atlantis. Enemies and outcasts with no home that will one day reclaim their rightful place. They're seen as savage, warlike and dangerous without desire for peace. Namor himself has shunned all contact with King Arthur and proclaimed the man an usurper unfit to rule.


1920s - Namor is born. The son of American ship-captain Leonard Stuart McKenzie and an Atlantean woman named Fen, the Princess of Kamuu.

1930s - The South Atlanteans would once again have exposure to the surface world as their crowning jewel and most northern city of Thakorr (in which they called New Atlantis) became host to humans in an expedition for oil drilling. This would be Namor's first encounter with his father's people. Things did not go well.

**The city of Thakorr having been named such in honor of 'Emperor' Thakorr a man who claims to be the son of Immanu a descendant of Atlan.

The South Atlanteans (the rest of the Atlantean kingdoms like to call them Lemurians despite the Lemurians being a different people all together - a political move to divert hostilities and undermine Thakorr's claim to the throne) began a serious of attacks on the surface world with young Namor McKenzie at the helm. Recently blooded after slaying two divers.

1940s - As a scout and war leader for the Southern Atlanteans Namor determines the true threat to the surface is the Axis. Returning to Kamuu (in Antarctica where Emperor Thakorr had brought his people after New Atlantis was polluted to uninhabitable conditions years prior) Namor petitions the Emperor of Thakorr and the rest of the Atlantean Kingdoms to assist in a combined war effort. The rest of the Atlantean colonies refuse aid, the forces of Kamuu are the only Atlanteans to commit. Aid comes from elsewhere, the actual Lemurians themselves.

Namor is declared Champion of the Lemurians and Prince of New Atlantis (a thumb to the nose at the rest of the Atlantean Kingdoms).

Namor then struck out against the Axis and even joined the Invaders and later the All-Star Squadron alongside many heroes of the surface world (and some supposedly from beyond).

Shortly after joining the conflict an Atlantean named Meranno reveals the location of the South Atlantean city of Kamuu and it's surrounding provinces. The Nazi's retaliate against the undersea threat and Namor's people are obliterated. The city of Kamuu is destroyed and the Southern Atlantean tribes are scattered - many of them seeking sanctuary in the realm of the actual Lemurians or at the bottom of the ocean, in constant motion, nomadic and always moving.

Post-WWII - Namor along with his people forsake the surface world for countless years. Enemy to them is humanity and those Atlanteans who would call anyone other than him lord and master.

Present Day - The South Atlantean Fleet has once again made itself known to the world in the past several years with Namor the Sub-Mariner as it's commander and monarch. It's targets so far have been human settlements but rumor circulates that Namor's violence could very well extend to the rest of Atlantis and King Arthur Curry's domain. Only time will tell.

**Of Recent Note - Attacked an oil rig with a massive machine but was thwarted by a team of heroes and Captain America. Tangled with the Sorcerer Supreme at the Leviathan's Tomb. Abducted a young witch named Rain. Made contact with HYDRA under the premise of joining their numbers. Released the witch.

Character Details

Doctor Strange to Namor: "But you must admit that you're a man who does what he thinks is right… regardless of the ethics involved in the act."

Namor is a man out of time. A man's man and a warrior bent on vengeance, pride and his ego. His ego is monumental and can cause him to be extremely overconfident and impulsive. He is also known for his volatile nature coupled with a temper that matches the worst of his traits. He is known to be reckless and show little concern for his actions consequences and what may come.

Despite these negative aspects of his personality the man is capable of kindness, has shown to be quite fair-headed and noble with a shocking amount of clarity in times when least expected. He is not a monster without reason, the surface world and those who would do or quite simply be capable of harm to what is left of his kind come last.


Image Name Relation Information
Cap-Main.jpg Captain America Friend Former ally during WWII. Once an Invader, right?
Image Name Relation Information
winter_soldier.png Winter Soldier Friend Former Invader pal. Current HYDRA ally.
Image Name Relation Information
nopic-m.png Zola Ally The man who recruited Namor into HYDRA. "Man" might not be the right word.
Image Name Relation Information
Magneto_3.JPG Magneto Acquaintance A former terrorist who believes that Namor may be a mutant.
Image Name Relation Information
Mystique01.jpg Mystique Friend A mutant acquaintance that Namor met in the 40's.
Image Name Relation Information
EmmaFrost.png Emma Frost Ally? She seems eager to help Namor accomplish his goals, but is clearly hiding an agenda.


*New player (Namor #2) as of 01-19-15.
*Numenor's Wrath is Namor's flagship. The new flagship is the Dako (smaller and swifter).
*The 7th Fleet is Namor's personal armada. The 9th Expeditionary is his choice for scouting.
*Namor likes to call himself the King of Atlantis and any number of titles such as the First Avenging Son, Scion of the Seas, and so on.

Character Gallery


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Aquatic Barrage Release! Curiosity
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Security Breach: Lower Levels
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Ballad of the Fleet: Initiate
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Catch and Release
Jan 06, 2015: Rain is finally released from captivity. Sort of.
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