Portrayed by Brea Grant
Full Name Janet van Dyne
Age 24
Height 5'4"
Build Athletic
Eyes Blue
Hair Auburn
Factions None Yet
Occupation Independently Wealthy Sociliate Fashion Designing Superhero
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

Janet is a famous wealthy socialite. The daughter of the deceased Vernon van Dyne one of the world's greatest scientists. Owner of van Dyne Industries. Also the superhero known as Wasp.


Her reputation amongst high society is excellent, quite the social dilatant. Amongst the Super Heroes she still has to cement her reputation.


Janet Van Dyne was born to world renowned scientist, Dr. Vernon van Dyne of van Dyne Industries (stock symbol VDI). As a child she was spoiled and self-entitled, feeling like the world revolved around her and just about everyone and anything else was beneath her notice. Janet had developed a keen sense of fashion and design and even as a child would make her own clothing and soon had a wardrobe that was the envy of her female peers.

When Janet in early adulthood her father was murdered by an extradimensional horror one of his experiments released into our world. That event that opened Janet's eyes, she realized just to a degree just how shallow and empty her life had been up to that point and she strove to better her life. While there were many charitable causes that demanded attention she only had one thing in mind, that being getting revenge on her father's killer. That was what motivated her to become a heroine.

In her quest for revenge and to set right the monster being loose on our plane of existence Janet came across a scientist working for van Dyne industries by the name of Hank Pym who offered her his aid. She was went through a series of biological and genetic procedures as well as being exposed to unstable molecules called Pym Particles. They granted her the various abilities including the ability to shrink in size. Pym also introduced specialized cells to Janet's body, allowing for her to 'grow' wings and antennae as well as shoot energy blasts from her hands that Janet would come to call 'Wasp Stings'. He helped her to adapt to her new powers, teaching her how to adjust to shrinking as well as learn how to fight while in mid-air. She also took martial arts classes, something she found herself to be very good at. Janet started to call herself Wasp and designed costumes based on the flying insect.

She managed to banish the alien with Ant-Man's help and has been quietly fighting crime without managing to gain the attention she was hoping for. The decision to make herself known and discard the secrecy occurred pretty recently. Time for The Wasp to step into the Spotlight.

Character Details

Carefree - She is enjoying being a superhero a lot. Outside the repressed Trauma that brought her down the road of being a superhero she is still the cheerful bright sort she has always been. To her at this point in her career being a super hero is almost a game.

Flighty and Self-Centered - She hasn't shaken all of her wealthy socialite ways and they still surface on a regular basis.

Curiosity - she is unreasonably curious about everything. That curiosity will probably get her in trouble but in general it helps drive her.

Fearless - She is quite fearless, not everyone would dive into combat against powerful super villains while being half an inch tall after all.


Image Name Relation Information
Ant-Man%201.png Henry "Ant-Man" Pym Friend Her friend, employee, and crime fighting partner.


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Character Gallery


Business Synergy
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Secret Agent Man
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A Bold Suit
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Dinner, Dancing, Doctor
February 2, 2015: After a scavenger hunt, Dr. Pym surprises Janet with a dinner and dancing.
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The Downward Spiral
January 25, 2015: Janet, Hank, and Carol are trying to enjoy a night out when Spiral gets bored and decides to send the party crashing through the floor.
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Costume by van Dyne
January 20, 2015: Miss Marvel gets a makeover while two Hanks watch.
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Tea And Business
<January 17, 2015>: <Janet Van Dyne and Morien Washington discuss how their can help those suffering from the recent attacks.>
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AIM to Bust
January 16, 2015: AIM Weapons deal disrupted by SHIELD and friends
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Wardrobe Malfunction!
January 14, 2015: Rowan gets jumped by a mechanical army. Wasp, Lunair, and Scarlet pitch in Cameron's clothes don't fare so well.
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Of Wasps and Ant-Men
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