The Thing
Portrayed by <E.g. "Taylor Cole">
Full Name Benjamin Jacob Grimm
Age 39
Height 6'
Build Tall and Broad
Eyes Baby Blue
Hair Bald
Factions Fantastic Four
Occupation Clobberin'
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

As The Thing, Ben Grimm is mostly known for punching space monsters, yelling at paparazzi, and superhero poker nights.


The Thing is the Fantastic Four's surly, cigar-chomping, stone-plated brickhouse. One ill-conceived space expedition ago, he was Benjamin J. Grimm, former hoodlum/collegiate linebacker/Air Force pilot/astronaut.


Benjamin Grimm was a poor kid from Yancy Street on the Lower East Side. He spent most of his childhood getting into trouble with a local gang, but eventually found a way out of what might have otherwise been a life of violence and hardship when his natural athletic prowess led to a full-ride football scholarship from Empire State University.

At ESU, he met a number of people who'd go on to influence the rest of his life, including Reed Richards. He did an admirable job of splitting his time between studying and football, and during the off-season, he got himself into amateur boxing to stay in shape and give himself another healthy outlet for aggression.

After graduating with a physical science/aeronautical engineering degree, he chose to enlist in the Air Force to see the world outside of New York City and make the possibility of continuing his education later a little less onerous. After qualifying as a pilot, he flew missions in Serbia, Afghanistan, and Iraq over several tours, building up a rep as a skilled airman in the process. After a few years of active duty, he transferred to an test flight program where he put the next generation of aircraft through their paces. He even qualified for astronaut training eventually, an opportunity that he wasn't about to let pass him by.

And then, after a couple years of training, his ol' pal Reed tracked him down and brought plans for an experimental spacecraft with him.

It didn't take a ton of convincing to get Ben on board with the project, though he had far more misgivings once he realized how lightly shielded the rocket would be. Still: Reed was the smartest person he'd ever met, and he trusted him; he remaind on board as pilot despite his concerns, and eventually, the craft was ready for a test flight.

Alongside Reed, Susan Storm, and Susan's brother Johnny, Ben was bombarded by cosmic radiation when the craft passed through a storm of the stuff on its inaugural flight. Ben was able to steer them through it and bring them back Earth safely, but they didn't escape untouched: each of them was changed forever, with Ben making the most startling transformation of all by becoming a knobbly, stone-skinned Thing.

Though he harbored a lot of anger and resentment for the fate he'd been cursed with, he begrudgingly joined the other three in using their newfound powers to not only protect their world, but explore whole new ones. Since then, the bonds of friendship and camaraderie between the quartet have done a lot to mend his wounded spirit. He still eagerly awaits the day when Reed(or someone, or something) is finally able to help him control his condition, but throwing down with space monsters, picking up extra-dimensional tchotchkes, and becoming a household name are pretty decent consolations until then— especially for a punk kid from Yancy Street.

Character Details

Ben Grimm usually maintains a gruff and boisterous persona to disguise his feelings of anxiety, frustration, and depression in the wake of becoming the Thing. It's essentially just a (slightly) heightened version of who he was pre-transformation: he might not have been prone to hollering about clobbering or Sunday Punches then, but he was always a gregarious, unpretentious straight-shooter. His tough, irreverent exterior hides a deep well of empathy, compassion and other softer, less destructive emotions that he prefers not to broadcast too regularly or too loudly.

College, seeing the world as a pilot, and exploring the rest of existence as a superhero have all done a lot to expand his ideas about who he is and what he's capable of beyond the somewhat narrow boundaries of his upbringing, but he /still/ isn't entirely comfortable with expressing himself honestly, even among family.

He's also highly protective, particularly of loved ones; even as a young Yancy Street Gangster, he tended to stick up for the smaller and/or weaker kids, even if it meant clashing with his running buddies. Besides the more readily apparent issues of being brought up in an environment where squishy emotions weren't really appreciated or accepted, this protective streak plays into his preference for keeping his inner demons bottled up around the Four: it wouldn't do anyone any good to be constantly reminded of how miserable he is as long as there's nothing that any of them can do about it.

The other members of the Four are like family to Ben. Even though they frustrate and confoud him at times, they're still people who have been there for him day in and day out since his transformation, supporting him on the unusual occasions that he's willing to let them. Having people in his life who care for him despite his various flaws and eccentricities is a big part of what's allowed him to flourish as a public hero and adventurer.


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