Portrayed by Chris Helmsworth
Full Name Thor, Prince of Asgard
Age 30 (3000)
Height 6'2"
Build Muscular
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Factions Asgard
Occupation Prince of Asgard
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

Norse God of Thunder.


The God of Thunder. If one is to believe the stories of the Norse, one of the ruling gods of their pantheon. Not too bad of press, really!


Born in the time of legends and lore on Midgard, a couple of thousand years ago to Odin, with Frigga standing in as the only mother he's ever known, Thor was raised knowing he was special. Royalty. That one day the Throne of Asgard would be his, and he'd be one more in the seemingly endless line of his family. A warrior king that would rule over not only Asgard but keep the peace in the Nine Realms in any way possible. To this end, he's suffered, along with his brother Loki, numerous tutors, lessons in armed and unarmed combat, leadership and tactics. (That last bit, he wasn't really quite as good as his brother.)

As he matured, it became obvious to most, if not Thor himself, that he was, indeed, to become king. Many a time in Midgard's early years Odin took the young Thor with him to the world, and stories grew of the young Prince's exploits. Visits to Earth were frequent, training increased, meetings and such were set up so succession would be obvious to all and understood, and the childhood friends that grew with him would stand with him.

All was not always 'right', however. Thor proved, at times, to be something of a hot head, occasionally giving Odin some concern if not a little pause in determining when the coronation would actually occur. Unasked for skirmishes turned into battles turned into full-fledged diplomatic problems for Odin and Asgard as a whole, and finally, Midgard would once again be that place where the Prince would have to learn what it is to be a Prince and King.

Character Details

Thor seems simple; the thought of striking a blow is usually the first thought rather than considering all angles. The saying 'When all you have is a hammer, all problems look like nails'. That's Thor. He's quick to laugh in his times of leisure, and long in patience with those he cares about, in some cases ignoring or making excuses for slights. Once his patience is drained, however, that is when his anger takes over, and there are few who can bring Thor back to his wits once they are lost. He is stubborn, and once he has decided upon a course, there are, again, few who can reasonably try and sway him. (They won't necessarily be successful!)


Image Name Relation Notes
lolo.jpg Loki Brother Brothers, first and always.
sif1.jpg Sif Comrade His Shield-Maiden, one of the finest warriors in Asgard. One that he's proud to have at his side.
amora1.jpg Amora Intrigue Who knows what mischief she now attends?

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