Tin Star
Tin Star
Portrayed by Lou Diamond Phillips
Full Name Thomas Nashoba
Age 25
Height 5'10"
Build Lean and Athletic
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Factions None
Occupation US Marshal
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

Tin Star is not a name that has appeared in the papers, but if you have access to the right classified sources, the code name appears in a number of incidents involving metahumans and the Paranormal that have been resolved - one way or another - by the arrival of a certain US Marshal. .


Thomas is known in the Service as a driven younger Marshal with a stunning case record over his six years of service and, it is rumored, special abilities that land him the tough assignments. It's hard to argue with his results. It's also hard to argue with the fact that he's had two partners killed and three crippled in the course of his four years.


Thomas Nashoba was born in Oklahoma, to Choctaw parents as a member of what is legally known as the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. As one of the better organized and funded Indian groups, Thomas had what could fairly be called a regular American childhood. There are, of course, some things that are different when you live on an Indian reservation, but none of them seriously hampered his childhood. As he grew up he become more and more interested in law enforcement and after graduating high school he applied for (and was accepted to) the tribal police force.

It was a week after getting accepted to the force that Thomas had a dream – an odd, life changing dream. He found himself in the street of Tombstone, Arizona… 150 years before, talking to a grizzled looking sheriff. The Sheriff introduced himself as Justice and claimed that he was a primal force that had been released by a pair of Indian medicine men shortly after the Battle of Little Bighorn in 1876. They had intended to bind and steal them, sapping the white man’s drive to expand west. Among the other things they’d sought to appropriate, one was the spirit of the grim, determined lawmen that struggled to keep order in the white man’s settlements and were among their fiercest protectors. They failed, but the forces they had unleashed in the aftermath did not vanish into the Aether. Unchained from their bonds on the other side of the Veil, they set to work finding mortal agents to act for them. Justice had chosen Thomas. And no, it wasn’t up for discussion.

He might have just passed it off as an odd dream except in the following weeks and months odd things started happening. He’d get strange bursts of strength or start seeing odd things: phantoms in the night, echoes of crimes past. A few months after graduating he came upon a bank heist. It was violent and as the first responder on scene he and his partner were outgunned. When his partner went down the change just kind of… happened. The rest of the incident is a blur in his mind. Shooting, apprehension. Maybe some property damage… The end result was six perps taken in alive and two dead. Heck, it made the papers.

Things got stranger after that. He did, with the help of more dream visits from Justice, learn how to control what he does. After three years on the force, at the age of twenty one, he took the unusual step of trying out for the US Marshals Service selection program and earned a spot in the training program rather handily.

Fast forward four years. Thomas is a Deputy Marshal in the Investigative Operations Division with a slot on the Special Operations group. He’s had more and stranger cases than agents with twice his time in service and his abilities, whilst controversial, are an undeniable asset to the Service in certain sensitive situations. Now recently transferred to the New York station to handle Tri City area investigations, he has a caseload full of fugitives that are as potent, if not more so, than he. If nothing else, this promises to be very, very interesting.

Character Details

Intense is the word most often used to describe Thomas, followed closely by driven. The man is not exactly unpleasant. Indeed, off duty he can be downright fun. But get him on a case and he seems to become another person: Focused on the hunt and often distant. It's a result of his connection to Justice, the personality of the spirit influencing his own, not that this is commonly known or makes it any easier to deal with.


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Character Gallery


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Talk about the Weather
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Crime Scene Cleanup
July 23 2014: Thomas returns to the scene of an arrest to dispose of some unusual hazmat… while Alexander Aaron and Cricket watch.
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With friends like this...
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Not So Quiet Collar
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July 13, 2014: The floating poker game in Flushing Meadows is interrupted by a pair of aliens.
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