Portrayed by Catherine McCormack
Full Name Ulani
Age 32
Height 5'6"
Build Athletic
Eyes Green
Hair Black
Factions None
Occupation Government Envoy
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

Soldier turned Government Envoy


Ulani is known as a good soldier who prefers to use diplomacy before shooting anything. As a Government Minister she’s known to deal fairly with all stakeholders.


Ulani is a bit of a rebel amongst the Blue. After visiting the surface on a “joy ride” with her friends at the age of 15, she discovered it wasn’t the place of horror and danger that her parents and other Blue elders made it out to be. She found it fascinating and so very exciting and spent several hours exploring the surfacer city, Los Angeles and vowed she’d go back.

Ulani continued to return to the surface, on a regular basis, learning surfacer ways and customs.

Her father (Maksim) was a scientist, researching new technology and her mother (Xael) held a position in the Blue Government. One day, during a routine demonstration to members of the Government of the technology her father was researching, something went horribly wrong and both parents were killed. Ulani was 16.

Camari, a friend of Ulani’s mother who works as an intelligence analyst within the Foreign Affairs portfolio, took her in and helped her complete her schooling, as well as giving her a love of diplomacy and political intrigue.

Gaige, Camari’s husband and a fairly high ranking soldier in the Blue army, taught Ulani to protect herself and fight.

Ulani joined the army at the age of 18 and rose quickly in the ranks however, she soon tired of all the rules and regulations. By the time she was 26, she entered public service starting as an aide to a minister in the Blue Government. In this role, Ulani was able to familiarise herself with proper Government process, identify key people within the Ministry and public service that are influential, whilst creating contacts and a reputation for herself.

At 29, Ulani became a junior minister within the Government occupying a position of “Government Envoy”. As an envoy, Ulani interacts with other societies including Atlantis, Arctic Blues and, in the fullness of time, Surfacers. For the time being, with Surfacers, she is charged with providing intelligence on their customs and movement and maintaining as low profile as possible.

Today, at the age of 32, Ulani has secured a position as a trustworthy person who will fairly represent the interests of all concerned parties. There is a hidden component to Ulani’s experience… she knows how to infiltrate and assess situations without making her presence known. Some may call her spy… others may just say she knows how to blend into the background.

Character Details

Quiet, polite, peacemaker. Ulani is well suited to an ambassadorial role as she prefers to listen before speaking and considers her words accordingly. This may make her appear somewhat reserved.


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Character Gallery



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