Portrayed by Masanobu Ando
Full Name Satoru Suzuhara
Age 19
Height 5'10"
Build Scrawny
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Factions N/A
Occupation Delivery Boy
Alignment <E.g Hero | Villain | Neutral | Civilian >

Claim to Fame

Food delivery boy, sullen layabout-about-town


Some delivery boy, you probably see him on his bike around New York a lot if you order food. Kinda sullen, but not really rude, just, teenagers, y'know?

People who have reason to get to know him will generally find that there's not much he isn't willing to do if it means getting paid.


Growing up in the shadow of an older sibling is always going to be hard, particularly when there's a broad age gap - with so much of a head start, how can the younger child ever be expected to catch up?

So it was with Satoru Suzuhara, born seven years after his older brother, Kazuo, and already having seven years worth of academic proficiency to catch up to. He never blamed his older brother for the treatment - the constant unfavorable comparisons in grades, the "why can't you behave more like your brother"s - but rather used it both as an excuse to spend more time with his brother, who he looked up to immensely even despite hating having to live up to his legacy, and avoid their parents.

Over the years, this dynamic saw little reason to change - Toru would get decent enough grades, but never good enough, and while Kazuo had been a leading player on his baseball team, the younger sibling never bothered getting into sports; just another thing he wouldn't be good enough at. But once Toru got to be twelve years old, events transpired that would change the course of his life.

It was a dark and stormy night, as most such nights are, when Kazuo was on his way home from a late class at a local community college. And in a moment of senseless carnage, as it always is, he was struck by a car going too fast for the weather and, as far as anyone could tell, killed instantly. The driver was never found; they never are.

Obviously, this was devastating to the family - particularly to Toru, who had lost both the one person who could make him feel better after being reminded that he wasn't good enough, and who could now literally never be good enough - because with Kazuo dead, now the older sibling could never do anything bad enough to fall from grace in their parents' eyes.

Toru started to withdraw from his family and started to care less and less about his schoolwork; before long, there would be times when he would seem, literally, to disappear completely. Never while anyone was watching, but sometimes someone would be talking to him, and the next time they looked, he had vanished. This was the manifestation of his X-Factor mutation; conveniently coinciding with his desire to vanish from notice, he found himself with the ability to hide in the shadows.

Over time, he found himself caring less and less about academia; he could still get good grades when he tried, but his interests lay more in running with rough crowds, spending as little time at home as possible, and doing as little work as necessary to get out of highschool. He'd already started working small jobs here and there to save up money, and once his senior year let out, he found himself a cheap apartment as fast as he could.

These days he spends most of his time working food delivery jobs to keep the rent money coming in, and trying to find some way of monetizing his ability that doesn't involve getting himself shot.

Character Details

Twelve is essentially a cat in human form; he's lazy, self-centered, cares more about himself than anyone else, and is generally slow to warm up to people - but can be oddly clingy to those he does like. In his efforts to be secretive, he's also somewhat of a compulsive liar; he won't give his real name to anyone who he doesn't think has to know it, would never admit that he derived his nickname from the age he was when his mutation manifested (because it's a totally lame origin, ya dig?), and puts on a front of being a lot tougher than he actually is.

He's willing to do a lot when it means getting paid; career aspirations tend to lean towards becoming a hired goon or, at the very least, the kind of messenger boy who delivers packages that are slightly more dubious than orange chicken and fried rice. To put it bluntly, the criminal life has some serious attraction to the teen.

Twelve isn't very tech-savvy for a kid his age; he's got an iPhone, but he uses it mostly for texting and keeping up on the news. Computers hold no real interest for him, and he considers most video games to be for 'losers who can't handle real life' - though mobile games to kill the time are completely fine. He spends most of his relaxation time either sleeping or reading anthology manga magazines.

Overall, typically he's fairly snarky with new people, potentially more snarky with people he already knows, though while he isn't in any rush to make new friends, he's otherwise at least snarky in a somewhat civil fashion. He's also prone to bluntness, with little interest in sugarcoating his opinions - but at least he knows that his opinions aren't always welcome.



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